Things I saw today

Just a collection of pictures I took today.

The inside orange babies watching an outside orange baby!

This little buggers snuck into the sun room behind my back and got closed up in it! It wasn’t until I came out to give the cats some treats that I heard her plaintive meowing. She had jumped into a tall box we use to hold long-handled tools. She wasn’t too happy with my trying to help her out and went into an absolute panic. She did let me give her treats, and later on, I was even able to pet her while she was eating, so I think I am forgiven. 😀

I don’t know what’s more remarkable. The fascinatingly symmetrical pattern of holes on this leaf – or the fact that, of the thousands of leaves surrounding me at the time, I spotted this one immediately!

It’s the time of year for tree ‘shrooms!

Aside from having to cut the part that was around the one cable, I was able to remove this abandoned wasp nest completely intact. It’s now sealed in a bucket in the sun room. There is no sign of any wasps in it. Where the cable went through, I could see empty egg cases. Even the dead wasp I’d seen in the opening seems to be gone; likely fallen in between layers of paper below the opening. In fact, the only living thing I saw while taking it down was the big !#%$! spider the crawled out the top when I cut it loose from the box!

I’m not bothered by spiders, but I admit, that did make me jump a bit! 😀

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “Things I saw today

  1. That leaf pattern is wild. I can’t recall seeing something that symmetrical before. Too consistant to be bugs I’d think. My guess would be some sort of fungus or such that starts on the outer edges… or aliens. 😀

    You may have made friend there also by rescuing her without eating her. 😀 😀 😀 Now she sees even if being held is scary that you’re not going to hurt her either.

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