So many kittens!

As I go into the sunroom to get cat kibble and start my morning rounds, I usually see at least one cat waiting outside for me. Typically, it’s Potato Beetle, sometimes Butterscotch or Rosencrantz, and once in a while, I’ll see Broccoli or Nosencrantz near the door.

This morning, I saw a little tuxedo at the door!!!

Even Junk Pile’s kittens are figuring out where the food is coming from, and getting curious!

A couple of kittens had run off before I could take this picture. The kittens inside the kibble house with Potato Beetle (against the wall on the right) are tree of Butterscotch’s. The white tail tip shows that it’s Bradicous in the kibble house, which makes it Chadicous at the food tray outside the kibble house. There are actually three kittens there. You can see the tuxedo’s tail, Chadicous’ face and body, and behind Chadicous is one of Junk Pile’s tabbies.

While Nosencrantz will come to the kibble house as I bring the food out, in the end, Rosencrantz, Nosencrantz and Toesencrantz all prefer their separate kibble tray under the shrine.

I’ve been finding the tray on the ground every now and then. The skunks also like this tray, and pull it off the platform when it’s empty.

On a completely different topic, our lovely rains have brought out the ‘shrooms.

I love finding these tree mushrooms! Which should be oyster mushrooms, but I am not confident enough about that to try eating any. 😀

Today is supposed to be on the hot side, though well within average temperature, with no rain, so I hope to get more progress on the low raised bed today. Tomorrow we celebrated my mother’s 90th birthday early, so it’s either today, or I won’t be able to get at it until next week. Thankfully, these beds are for next year, so there is no urgency to get it done, yet.

The Re-Farmer

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