A new path, and comparisons

What a lovely day today!

Okay, according to The Weather Network, it’s -17C/1F with a wind chill of -27C/-16F, but I’ve been outside for the past while, in full sun and sheltered from the wind, and it was feeling downright tropical out there! Unlike yesterday, this morning I had all sorts of cats to greet me while I did my rounds.

On the down side, when I got to the van to head into town, I discovered a frozen present on the roof, all down the side door of my van, and even on the ground, from a cat in the rafters. I saw Nicky the Nose in there earlier, when I double checked to make sure the van was plugged in. Nasty bugger shat all over our van!

Ah, well. I meant to get a car wash before taking it in to get the brakes done, anyhow. :-/

Heading to town today, we were glad to find the roads had been plowed of drifts – though my daughter did have to fight one to open the gate! The high winds we’ve been having have really hard packed the snow. It was still blowing a lot on the roads, coming almost directly from the north, but here at home, we have trees, and the house itself, blocking most of the north winds. There’s just that one gap between the maple and spruce groves that acts as quite the funnel!

Today was our day to send in our meter reading for our electricity. We have a 3 day window from the 13th to the 15th (others have different dates) to submit the reading, and I usually try and get it in earlier, but with the cold and winds, I was more than happy to leave it for today.

So, once I was back from town, I headed outside again to get the reading.


So much for the path I’d cleared a while back!

I seriously considered just tromping through the snow to the meter, but decided I’d better clear it again. I don’t want to have to deal with it again the next time I go to read the meter, and this way, the path will melt clear faster, once the warm temperatures return.

I had an audience.

Potato Beetle was quite appreciating the newly cleared path, too!

Two-Face even decided to help me read the meter. πŸ™‚

Then, since it was so nice outside, I took the time to break out the ice chipper and clear the sidewalk to the house, the steps and the little patio area under the kitchen window, right down to the concrete. By the time I was done, the day was feeling like summer! πŸ˜€

One of the things I like to do every few months when submitting our meter reading is check out the historical data. Here are our 2 year comparisons.

This first one is our consumption.

You can see quite a difference in February, between last year and 2018!

This next one is our charges.

After we were living here for a year, we were able to get on the equal payment plan. That was a huge help! Our charges for February of last year were creeping towards the $700 mark (this chart is energy charges only; not the taxes and fees on top of that). I’m okay with paying roughly $300 a month all year (it did fluctuate a little bit throughout the year), to avoid being stuck with such higher bills in the winter.

This next chart shows the average temperatures for each month.

Yeah, with an electric furnace, it’s pretty clear how closely our consumption matches the weather! The charges went up a couple of times in this time period, too, but the correlation there is pretty close, too.

It’s interesting to see just how warm our past October was, compared to the year before, followed by that sudden drop in November. This past October was almost a whole month of rain after a summer of drought; a final destruction of many farmers’ already struggling crops. That’s two years in a row of horrible weather conditions for farmers.

I really hope they finally get some respite in the coming growing season!

The Re-Farmer

6 thoughts on “A new path, and comparisons

    • I hate to think how bad it would have been, if the windows had not been replaced the summer before we moved here! Our rates per kwh are lower than other provinces. The house is just really inefficient.

      Nothing a couple hundred thousand in renovations couldn’t fix… 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t know about a couple hundred thousand… Based on what I’ve seen from pics, I’d say up to 100k is possible though if it were all contractor done.

        No doubt the windows helped. The biggest single thing you could do though would be better roof/attic insulation. Heat rises, that’s basic science. The more you keep from escaping through the roof, the better.

        Costs: My mom lives in a 20ish year old house that’s very well insulated, and uses power live she lives in a cave (ie almost none) and she still pays $500 a month for electricity.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, well, this is Canadian dollars…

        The upstairs is the coldest part of the house. The girls added strips of rigid insulation to the walls around their beds (covered in fabric to make it pretty), and I think that made a significant difference.

        I have heard about the horrifying cost of electricity in California! And the cost of housing, too. It just blows me away!

        Liked by 1 person

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