So many kitties, inside and out!

The outside cats were out in full force, eager for breakfast, but first I wanted to share some indoor adorableness!

Cabbages and Cheddar, all snuggled together for a nap!

The size difference just blows me away. Cabbages is more than a year old now, so she is pretty much her full adult size. Cheddar… he’s just huge.

Yesterday evening, I decided to use our Roku device and watch some TV. We’ve got the Great Courses on Amazon Prime, and I’m watching Cooking Through the Ages right now. Cheddar decided to join me and trap my hand under his head as a pillow!

He eventually got driven out, though, when Tissue came over and started bugging him. After he left…

… she took his spot!

She would not stop squirming, though, and when I brought my phone over to take pictures…

… she went for it, and tried to eat it!

Gosh, she has the strangest facial structure! Like a little alien.

Meanwhile, her younger siblings outside were joining the breakfast buffet.

While I was pouring the kibble out, Broccoli jumped into the kibble house, and I actually got to pet her! She was torn between startled and wanting to go at the food. The confused expression she gave me as I pet her back was hilarious. She seemed to like the pets, though, and tolerated them for a little while.

There are nine kittens in the above photo. Potato Beetle is one of the adults, and he’s at the tray on the ground. Butterscotch is inside the kibble house. Nutmeg was around, too, but on the other side of the kibble house, out of view.

Rosencrantz, Nosencrantz and Toesencrantz, enjoying breakfast together!

More progress; while walking back from pouring kibble onto the tray under the shrine, Nosencrantz came running right up to me, and let me pet her, before continuing on to the food!

I really, really like Nosencrantz.

I guess this is a good time to promote our Ko-fi page. If you are interested in helping with the feeding and care for the kitties, you can click here, or on the donation button on the side bar. All donations go towards the cats, either for their food, to get them fixed, or for any needed vet care, and are gratefully appreciated.

The Re-Farmer

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