Frosty morning – and a rough start to the day!

This morning, I was awakened by my husband, asking me if there was some trick to starting the washing machine. I think it was a rhetorical question. Our new washing machine, which we've had for only 2 1/2 months, simply stopped working. It won't turn on. Of course, my husband went through the usual check … Continue reading Frosty morning – and a rough start to the day!

Stripped bare, and heavy traffic day

It's working out to be a very unpleasant morning, weather wise! Thankfully, I was out earlier to do my rounds outside, so I could make sure the gate was open. We've got a septic company coming in to clean out our tank for the winter, some time this morning. Checking on the sunflowers this morning, … Continue reading Stripped bare, and heavy traffic day

Dark Sun

More and more of the sunflowers are opening up, and today I spotted one that's different. Most look like this. Bright, sunny, mostly yellow with light oranges and greens around the developing seeds. Then there was this one. The camera actually lightened it up a bit. Compared to the others, this one looks almost black … Continue reading Dark Sun