A Crespo surprise

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day, but we are having our big dinner today. My mother loves her turkey dinner, so I will be bringing her some tomorrow, while my brother visits with her today. Right now, the turkey is in the oven, as are most of the potatoes that were … Continue reading A Crespo surprise

Thanksgiving lunch, mulch experiment and outside kitten progress

Lats this morning I headed over to my mother's place with a turkey dinner to have lunch with her. On the way out, I spotted three sets of ears in the window of the cat shelter. Tiny sets of years belonging to the little kittens! I didn't dare go closer for a picture, though, because … Continue reading Thanksgiving lunch, mulch experiment and outside kitten progress

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend!

The kitties got an early Thanksgiving breakfast. Someone is looking like I woke him up too early! Nostrildamus and his sibling were sleeping in the cat house. From the red light on the timer, I could see that the heater was on. Now I'm thinking of getting a thermometer to put inside, facing the window. … Continue reading Happy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend!

Belated Canadian Thanksgiving dinner

The Thanksgiving family dinner we had planned last month got rescheduled to today.  Since moving here, we did have one large family dinner, before Christmas or so, so it's been almost a year. I think it turned out rather well. I think Doom Guy agrees. He was so funny to watch! I actually started the … Continue reading Belated Canadian Thanksgiving dinner

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving Weekend, here in Canada, and our turkey is ready for the oven. 🙂 Though Thanksgiving is officially tomorrow, we decided to have a quiet family dinner today.  A large family dinner is being planned for later in the month. The turkey was brined overnight, rubbed with lemon halves (which were then tucked into … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!