Garden progress: finally!!

Yes!!! It's finally done! Everything we started from seed has finally been transplanted. At least, everything that sprouted... These are all the pellets that didn't sprout. The tray in the background was the squashes tray. I'd say most of those empty pellets are the gourds. The ones in the foreground are mostly fennel, with maybe … Continue reading Garden progress: finally!!

I started, and I couldn’t stop! Evening round up

Today was a wonderfully productive day. Also, I'm really going to pay for it tomorrow. But I don't care. It was worth it! The first order of the day, after dropping my daughter off at work and picking up prescription refills for my husband, was the transplanting. I combined the 3 bags of soil mix, … Continue reading I started, and I couldn’t stop! Evening round up

Garden status, good and not so good

First, the good. After giving the new squash bed a thorough watering with the sprinkler yesterday evening, I made sure to check them out this morning. I'm happy to see that they are looking strong and healthy. A few were looking a bit haggard after transplanting and adding the straw mulch, but they have all … Continue reading Garden status, good and not so good

Transplants done, and keeping an eye out!

Happy Canada Day! My daughter and I headed out a bit earlier than usual for her shift, but we probably should have left even earlier. Roads around her work were already being closed off to traffic, and people were setting up their chairs to watch the parade. Some were even already setting up in the … Continue reading Transplants done, and keeping an eye out!

Clean up: prepping and planting

We've got some decent progress around the yard over the past few days. The haskap bushes have been transplanted. Getting them in was not without it's casualties, however. While digging one of the holes to transplant into, I hit some roots from the Chinese Elm. I was able to break some up and get them … Continue reading Clean up: prepping and planting