Taking stock

Of course, I just have to start with my morning smiles! I am so glad we were able to build the kibble house for the outside cats. It's working out really well! We have about 5 days of warm weather coming up next week. The perfect time to add a sheet of rigid insulation under … Continue reading Taking stock

Frosted carnage, and we’re back to 1 1/2

After seeing how great the sunflowers did, after last night's first frost, it was time to see how the squash beds looked after a day of relative warmth. You can see how all the leaves that got hit with frost have shriveled and darkened. There is some hope, though... For many (not all) of the … Continue reading Frosted carnage, and we’re back to 1 1/2

Morning kitties, cold damage and more thinking ahead

Let's play "can you spot all the kittens?" I had to dig one of them out from behind Beep Beep's head. 😀 Butterscotch's kittens are much harder to get pictures of. I finally just stuck my phone in and used voice activation to take some photos, hoping it was angled right. I got one shot … Continue reading Morning kitties, cold damage and more thinking ahead

Silly Kitties, and relentless winds

Things are warming up again. We're actually above freezing right now. Unfortunately, that means that any hibernating flies that have survived the cold are starting to come out and sluggishly make their way to windows. Guess how I know that? Go on! Guess! Yeah. The cats have found them. I first discovered this when I … Continue reading Silly Kitties, and relentless winds

Storm clean up: unexpected damage

While working around the willow tree, I noticed something out by the north fence and took a closer look. That's when I found we had more trees and branches come down there, too. I hadn't seen it before, simply because I hadn't bothered going that far through the snow. The main priority was checking close … Continue reading Storm clean up: unexpected damage