The Unexpected

We tried to anticipate as much as possible, in preparation for this move. Especially with the family split between provinces for a while.

Stocking up on medications was one thing we tried to do, but there are limits. Two of my husband’s medications are extremely powerful. And, since people have been known to abuse them, he can only get 30 days worth at a time. He also cannot get advance refills.

They are both pain killers.  He has run out.

He had tried to refill them, but without a new prescription, from an in province doctor, it can’t be done. These are not the sort of meds you can just pop into a walk in clinic for. Not that there are any walk ins anywhere nearby.

Which means he has been without any pain killers for several days, now.  

I am hoping I can get refills at this end and drive them out with us. He would get them faster that way. 

It’s hard to imagine the pain levels he is dealing with right now.

Meanwhile, they are also discovering things about the house.

As I mentioned before, it has been empty for 2 years. 

Of people, that is.

Since arriving, my daughter has been tentatively going through the kitchen, which was in about the same condition as the last time I stayed there with my father, two Easters ago. Very eclectic in supplies and condition. No wonder my dad prefered his Hungry Man dinners! Lol

Trying to cook led to the discovery that there were no frying pans, so they bought a couple of cheapies. Later, it was noticed that there were no baking pans.  Another purchase was made.

My daughter then opened the oven door. 

There she found the missing baking pans. 

Full of dead bugs.


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