This is insane 

When booking the movers, I talked to the company about packing some stuff ourselves, and the rest they would pack.  The woman I spoke to asked me to estimate how many boxes they might need. I told her I had no way to know at that point. She assured me that the movers would be prepared.  For an extra 20 cents a pound, I figured it was worth them supplying the boxes, wrappers and tape.  A partial pack, she called it.

I was up early this morning, working on as much as I could.  Basically, emptying the fridge, getting the garbage and recycling out the door to get rid of later, and so in.

We were just getting ready to start getting the back of the van ready and start taking some if the things out when I got a call from the moving van, verifying our address.  

Three guys come out. One has an arm full of packing tape.

As they fussed about and finally came to the door, I asked if they knew this was a partial pack. Oh, yes, he assured me.  

Well, to make a long story short, it turns out all that packing I did isn’t what makes it a partial pack.  If they do any packing, it’s a full pack. And our entire household will be charged as a full pack, not just what they pack.

Including the piano. 

They weren’t prepared for a full pack.  

I spoke to the company on the phone about it.  Because nothing on the file said full pack and they weren’t prepared, they could come back the next day. She “graciously” told me they could accommodate us tomorrow. 

I told her we were leaving tonight. 

She made some calls and told me the movers would get the materials from their warehouse and come back today.

I am furious.  

Meanwhile, my daughter and I have packed the van. Somehow, we have to squeeze in the litter box and the bucked with our fish that we are keeping. I hope the plants don’t freeze as we wait for them to come back.

We had intended to leave the van stuff in the house after they packed everything, let the cats loose in an otherwise empty place, and have lunch.  But we don’t trust the movers enough to not take the van stuff.  So we will have to stay. And wait.

The cats did not like bring in their carriers while we had the door wide open.

This is a disaster. 

The Re-farmer 

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