Wild Weather (updated)

Our trip to The City got adjusted. Instead of an evening trip after working hours, we were able to leave in the late morning.

Heading out, it was a lovely day.  At one point, we drove through rain.  The sun broke out and it was all quite mild and lovely.

Then we drove into this.


It wasn’t too bad in these photos, yet. Later, it got to some white knuckle driving, all the way home.

The plus side of returning the car is that we can now park our van in the garage.  It’s not heated, or even close to the house, but it’s out of the elements.

I look forward to not having to go anywhere tomorrow.

Update: we learned the next day that this highway was shut down because of the weather conditions.  It wouldn’t be the first time a highway was shut down while we were on it.

The Re-farmer

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