Things We Find 

We finally got some tangible progress yesterday. A van load of stuff went into the shed and a couple of small shelves got cleared downstairs, while the girls started on the second floor.

We are finding interesting things along the way.  Like this.


The shelves themselves turned out to have stories.


This one, if I remember correctly, was made out of an old TV. Years ago, my parents bought some property and in one of the shed were dozens of old TV’s.  These were from when a TV was a major piece of furniture, with solid wood cabinets. Many got converted to shelves like this.


This is from that same property. The main building used to be a general store that closed in the late 60’s, maybe early 70’s. The kind where the store was in the front and the family that owned it lived in the back.

The store part had walls of shelves.  One section of those shelves is currently in the master bedroom and almost completely covers one wall.  This shelf is made of a small part of these shelves.  The top looks like a salvaged part of a counter.

Both shelves are very solid. Considering we got rid of several shelves in the move, we will likely hang on to these.  Certainly, we will need to use them until our own stuff arrives.

Then there are mystery items like this.


If you look closely, you will note that this is a white extension cord spliced onto a brown extension cord.

There is also stuff like this gem.


It is the base of a candle holder that is resting in a wall mounted fount that held holy water at the entry of a church at some point.

I kinda like it.

The Re-farmer

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