I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration.  May the Christmas season continue to be one of peace and many blessings.

For us, today seems to be working out as a day of recovery!  There is still a possibility of carolers coming by, but I don’t know if this place is still on the list of stops.  My family usually had a big dinner here on Boxing Day, and the carolers would come.  I’m pretty sure the grapevine has spread the news that we now live here.  I do hope they come. It’s a local tradition I have missed.

Our usual custom, when living away from family, was to have a big wigilia feast on Christmas Eve, stretching things out until midnight, when we would open gifts.  On Christmas morning, there would be the stockings to go through, and the day would be much quieter and contemplative.

Of course, we couldn’t do that this year.  Our Christmas Eve feast was much smaller and shorter.  We actually had gifts to open, which was not our original plan.  My husband and I got a very practical and needed gift for our daughters. A heater.  The upstairs gets bitterly cold, and more so, now that we have a polar vortex hitting the country.  Christmas morning was much more pleasant to wake up to for it!

Our daughter’s got us gifts as well, and they found things that were perfect. A pocket knife for their father – with USB charged flashlight, built in!  He keeps it handy to use when he has to refill his CPAP with water during the night.

For me? I got a new sentinel.  It even came with a name.


It now sits in my office doorway, on guard! Lol

Christmas day was not as quiet as we normally have it. My older brother and his wife came to visit, which is always a pleasure.  My mother invited herself along, which is always touch and go.  It wasn’t too bad, though a bit strange.  She brought some items for us – I hesitate to use the word “gifts”.  In the seniors building she lives, they have regular bingo nights.  I guess the prizes are all donations.  She brought two she had won. One, because she had no room for it. A tacky Santa wall hanging with music and lights.  The other, because she had no use for it. A slide lock baggies filled with travel sized toiletries.  I don’t think she looked too closely at it.  At least one of the little bottles was half empty.  Who even donates used toiletries?

My brother and his wife gave us a wonderfully practical gift. Two 30 meter extension cords! (That’s almost 200 ft in total.) Our van is now plugged in!  I wasn’t able to buy them myself, as we had no budget for them – at that length, they are not cheap!  So they got them for us.  So sweet!

Things got a little strange towards the end.  My mother disappeared to the bathroom for so long, my brother ended up checking on her.  I figured she was mucking about.  The bathroom is one room we have not done yet. Some of our own stuff is on the counter, but the cupboards are still untouched.  We’ve only cleaned the toilet and bathtub so far. Other parts of the house are greater priority.

She was so long, my brother went to check on her again (by then, there was a whole bunch of people needing to use it!) and found her snooping in my office.  Then she moved on to the living room.  Thankfully, she didn’t actually say what she was obviously thinking.  Almost. When I pointed out the obvious – that we aren’t done unpacking yet, she made a snarky “I can tell”. She also observed that we hung the mirror “upside down”. Which is just funny, since the mirror is designed to be hung in either portrait or landscape orientation. It was different from how she did it, therefore it was wrong.

By then, it was time for them to go, as my brother and his wife had much more to do later, so they shuffled her off.  Only later did I see what she did in the bathroom.  She “cleaned”.  Things where straightened out in the upper cupboard, and the counter around the sink was wiped down.

All these years, she never once bothered to do that, but now that we are here, suddenly it’s not acceptable?

The funny thing is knowing that she will have no memory of how bad it has been all this time, but will believe that we managed to make that mess in the length of time we’ve been here.

Of course, the room could have been spotless, and it still wouldn’t have been good enough.

Just before they left, my mother untied another bag of stuff she brought.  One bag had several frozen things for the outside cats.  Some bread for us (one bag turned out to have expired several days ago) and a bag of apples.  I dug out our fruit bowl and she started to empty the fruit into it, roughly. I tried to point out that she was going to bruise the apples.  She responded by emptying the bag even faster, and rougher.


Then she took the frozen stuff for the outside cats. Except the tin of sardines, which was also frozen, that she sent back inside for someone else to open. I had no idea she had meant for me to do that immediately.  I was going to let it thaw, first.

After they left, my older daughter checked on it, then removed some of it, like chicken bones, for the burn barrel.

Thankfully, the rest of the day was peaceful and quiet.

One thing I am not missing at all.  All the rush and bustle of people. Especially with all the Boxing Day (week…month…) sales.

I much prefer being in the quiet, middle of nowhere right now.

Meanwhile, my darling sister in law has made arrangements for someone to come install a new power pole and hook the electricity back up in the garage, some time next week.  She works for the electric company and was able to find someone for us.  Our 26 ft pole (5 feet of which is below ground) will be replaced with a 30 ft pole.  When it’s done, I will send the invoice in to the moving company for reimbursement, so I can pay her back.  I doubt the company will be happy with that, but we are hitting temperatures below -30C right now, and extension cords from the house are not something we want to rely on!

I’m just amazed she found someone willing to do the job in these temperatures. !!

The Re-farmer

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