The Things We Find – outside

As I trudged through the snow around our yard, there were a number of times I found myself pausing and just wondering…


Why is this here?  How did it get here?  What purpose did this serve?

And I have no answers.

Like a post turtle.  You know it didn’t get there by itself, you don’t know who put it there and you know it doesn’t belong there.

Here are some of the things I found.


Take these wheels, for example.

These are in our spruce grove.

Not along the edge of it.  IN it.  I had to make my way past various things at our old wood pile spot and through some underbrush to get to it.

Look at those.

Meditate on them for a moment.

Someone took those wheels from… somewhere.  Then brought them to this tree.  Leaned them against the trunk.  Then left them there.

To rot.

Clearly, they have been there for many, many years.

Why?  Why are they there, and why has no one, in all these years, taken the time to just… throw them out.  Or something.


As I walked along the edge of the spruce grove, I found this, half hidden under the branches.

It appears to be a harrower.

Now, I know why there would be a harrower.  The garden is still big enough that my brother would come in with a tractor to plow it, then disc it, then harrow it.

But this is just a little piece of harrower.  There might be more hidden by the snow, but it’s still not of a size I am used to seeing around the farm, dragged by tractors.  In fact, there is a rope on it suggesting it might have been pulled manually.

Why is it hidden under the branches?  Why is it left here to rust away?

Someone had to deliberately drag it under the low hanging branches to leave it there.

To rust.

Here we have a cardboard box.

Stuffed into the trunks of a crab apple tree.

Okay, I can see someone having the box handy to pick apples.  Tuck it in there, so it doesn’t blow away.  Perhaps.

But why is it still there?


One last odd find.  The remains of an old wagon.

I don’t recall we ever had this type of wagon.  At least not in working order.

This is in a corner of the yard, near the fire pit and an old, collapsing log building.

Under tree branches.  I had to reach around the branches to get this photo.

Someone had to go out of their way to drag this there.

Okay, so judging from the condition of the remains, it may well have been dragged here before the trees were big enough to have branches hanging over it.

Which brings me back to…

Why?  Why put it there?  Why leave it there?

At least the brightly coloured thing in the background, I think I can figure out.  It’s a giant wooden spool used for electric wires.  You know, the kind or heavy wite that goes on the poles and to buildings.  A lot of local people get these to put on their ends and use as patio tables.  As this is next to the fire pit, I can picture it being brought to use as a table, then rolled under the tree to make way for cutting the lawn.

And left there.

To rot.

I suspect we will be finding many, many things like this as we work on the place that will leave us wondering…


The Re-Farmer

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