That could have been much worse!

Yesterday evening, our drier suddenly started to make an unfortunate noise.

Oh, dear.

Thankfully, it was on the cool down portion of the cycle, so the clothes were dry, but I had another load to go in. I started it up again and the noise continued, so I stopped it.

Thankfully, I could remember where I left the bucket of clothes pins and was able to hang our clothes on the clothes line. It was getting late in the day, though, so I took them in before going to bed. I didn’t want them to get rained or snowed on overnight. They were almost dry. 😀

I don’t know anything useful about driers, but my first thought was “bearing” (well… rollers, but I didn’t know that initially). However, as I took out the load that was in it when it started to make the noise, I found a zipper pull on the bottom of the drum. I checked the shirt it came from as I hung it, and a piece of metal was missing. So that brought in the possibility that the metal got stuck somewhere

I sent a quick email to my older brother, who has worked on this machine before, and described what I was hearing and what I thought it might be. He agreed with the metal piece likely being the culprit. He’s had to deal with stuff like this before; I guess it’s not uncommon, though I’ve never had it happen to me before. He gave me some info, and today I tried to take a look. I could pinpoint where the noise was coming from, which unfortunately meant I could do nothing about it. The noise was coming from just above the door. I started to get down to look inside, but just couldn’t do it. My knees are too shot. In the end, my younger daughter was able to get down on the floor, sitting with her back against the drier, stick her head inside and, using her phone as a flashlight, find the piece of metal. She was able to get it out with some needle nosed pliers.

What would I do without her? ❤

I’m glad it got stuck when it did. I just happened to be close by to hear it right when it started. If it had gotten stuck earlier in the cycle, none of us would have been around to hear it, and it could have broken the machine before any of us noticed there was a problem!

The Re-Farmer

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