An afternoon at the beach

My daughter had a short shift today, so I just stayed in town until she was done. At times like this, weather willing, I like to check out the beach (and play some Pokemon Go… 😉 ).

On a beautiful day like today, lots of people were at the marina, getting their boats out for the summer, while others were already out on the water.

If you click on the first picture, you should be able to see the row of sails at the horizon. 😀

Near the main dock, you could really see where the tide was working away at the beach stones. I like looking in this area for interesting things.

Like this.

This one is much bigger than the last one I found.

When I showed a picture of that one to my older daughter, the first thing she asked was, “did you keep it?”

I hadn’t, and she was quite disappointed, so this time I brought it home.

She was thrilled! 😀

Further down the beach, I found a pile of rocks someone had made. One of them reminded me of a nose.

So I did this with them.

I hope it brings a smile to someone’s day. 😀

The Re-Farmer

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