Clean up: just made it!

I’m finally getting caught up on one of the posts I meant to do a while back. I wasn’t able to upload all the photos until after the blizzard was over!

At the time of this writing, everything you see in the photos is now covered in snow! I got it done, just in time. We had one warm day on the Tuesday and, even though it was really too windy for the job, I broke out the lawn mowers. I knew I wasn’t going to have another chance before winter. Wednesday, the temperatures started to drop, the winds increased, and we started to get rain. Thursday, the blizzard arrived.

I am so glad I got this done first!

Even with all the rain, I didn’t have to do all the inner yard with the riding mower. Once I got the big stuff done, though, I broke out the push mower and started into the trees; something I’ve been really eager to do since my brother brought us the repair push mower!!

My original intent had been to just mow the area between the garage and the outhouse, and the path along the south fence towards the gate.

Once I started, though, I just couldn’t stop! I kept going further and further into the trees! LOL

A lot of the little poplars I was mowing around will be taken out, as I thin this area down. My mother’s flowers were well past blooming and seed stage, so I mowed right over it – exposing the green leaves of other plants hidden under them in the process!

I would have gone even further into the trees, but I’d reached the point where there were just too many fallen branches and other debris that needed to be cleared, first, and I had other areas to get to. 🙂

Even this little bit of clean up helped make it easier to get through the area after the blizzard hit, so I’m extra glad I was able to get that done.

See that rock on the tree stump?

I found that when I mowed further into the trees, cleaning up around where there had been a large metal ring. I’d pulled the ring out to be a temporary fire pit to burn nail-filled bits of wood cleared from the old wood pile, but had not gone back to the area since. The closest to it was when I went in with the riding mower, but that could only go so far.

As I went in with the push mower, I found the rock hidden in the tall grass. I didn’t go too far into what had been inside the metal ring; there were pieces of metal that had rusted off the ring itself, but I’m pretty sure there is also a tree stump under there.

Still, I was able to get further into the trees with the push mower, and open things up a little more.

Which came in handy when I was surveying storm damage later, and checking out the big dead spruce that had fallen. It wasn’t much further, but enough to make it easier to get to where I needed to go.

It’s amazing how even a small amount of clearing makes such a big difference!

I didn’t go too far around the edge of the spruce grove, though, as I really wanted to get into the maple grove, and that last strip of grass by the big garden area.

In this area, I make sure to leave the patch of flowers. I had to be pretty careful, because this seems to be an areas where rocks cleared from the garden were tossed. Plus, there are a lot of half-hidden tree stumps.

There’s a reason I leave really tall stumps now, when I have to take a tree down!

I finally got this area done! Yay!

I had gone through it in the summer, cleaning out any fallen branches and checking for anything that might break a mower, but since then, a few more branches had fallen. It wasn’t too bad, though.

There’s a section where the plowing was started that I worked around. Unlike the old garden area itself, very little has been growing into it. It doesn’t get a lot of light at all, which might be why. I’m not even sure why that section was included in the plowing at all. Nothing was planted there anymore.

Working through the trees themselves was very rough – and not just because of the uneven ground. The mower was kicking out leaves and debris as much as grass clippings, which was being blown right back into me! Some areas I didn’t even try to get into with the push mower; they would have needed the weed trimmer, and I wasn’t even going to bother with that.

Next summer, I plan to finally get back into hear to trim the stumps of trees I’d cleared out last year, to ground level. That will also make things easier to keep clear.

It’s so weird to be looking at these photos taken less than a week ago, when just a little while ago I posted photos of a lot of the same areas, with more than a foot of snow!

I even finished this area early enough in the day, that I was able to use the riding more to take care of the outer yard, too. As with using the push mower among the trees, I just can’t help pushing out further and further. Part of it is, I just really enjoy mowing. However, when it comes to the outer yard, especially towards the back gate, the more I can mow, the less of a fire hazard the area will be in the spring. So I will keep pushing that area more and more, as I am able. Much of it is just too rough to use the riding mower, but like the old garden, I should be able to get at it with the push mower. Though my focus next year will be on cleaning and clearing the spruce grove, I’m going to need to start working on the outer yard more, too.

The long range forecast has us getting one more warm day on the weekend, and then that seems to be it. We’ll be working on taking advantage of that, and getting my mother out here to see how things have progressed, before winter arrives.

Aside from things like taking care of storm damage, this will be the last clean up work of this kind around the yard, until spring.

We’re done for another year.

The Re-Farmer

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