Trying something new

In the last little while, I’ve been discovering some really excellent resources online, for making and doing “stuff.”

Best Try Again Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip Art - iStock

When I find a great resource, I love to share! So I am going to try something new.

(image source)

Once a week (at least for now; I might change it later), I will put up a “Recommended” post. Each post will feature some resource that I found excellent, and I will give a brief review of why I found this resource particularly worthy of recommendation.

The focus for most of these will be somehow related to our own situation – being back on the family farm and having to start over again in so many ways – but also simply following our interests. So there will be resources (mostly YouTube channels) for specific skills, like brewing or building, to cooking and gardening, to people using historical skills. Basically, a lot of “homesteading” type stuff, I guess, but I think they will still appeal to, or be helpful for, people anywhere.

I will start by posting these on Wednesdays, beginning tomorrow, and see where it goes from there. Feedback will definitely be appreciated, and if anyone has their own resources they’d like to share, please to leave information in the comments, and I’ll review them for possible future posts.

I hope you enjoy these!

The Re-Farmer

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