Starting more seeds

My goals for the day changed significantly, with our sad dealings with kittens, but I did manage to accomplish one main thing on my to-do list.

I got the second round of seeds started, with the hopeful expectation of transplanting 3 weeks from now. Weather willing.

I was surprised by how many gourd seeds there were in the packet. I figured I wouldn’t plant all of them, though. Even just 5 plants would be enough for starting out the things I have in mind for them.

It… almost worked out that way.

The bent straws show there the different seed types are. The squash packet with the most seeds were the sunburst squash, which are planted on the left. In the centre are the summer surprise mix. I had somehow expected more of those, but that will still be lots for our needs.

Then I just finished off the tray with the birdhouse gourd seeds. I ended up with only 2 seeds left unplanted!

This is a LOT of squash to be planting. We’ll see how many germinate, and how many survive transplanting. Conditions are not exactly ideal here, and I just sort of assume we’ll have losses. If not…

I’m going to have to find lots of ways to preserve summer squash! 😀

As for the birdhouse gourds, this is something that we can’t even use for a year. The gourds need that time to dry out before they can be scrubbed, sanitized (everything I’ve read mentions having to clean mold off the gourds first) and be ready for various projects.

Between the gourds and the giant sunflower heads we’re planting for bird seed, we’re going to have to find a lot of space to store these over the winter!

With the mama cats indoors, I am thinking that, over the next few days, I should move the cat bowls out of the sun room, then move the mini-greenhouse and the planting trays into there. With the doors fully closed, it will be much warmer in there, plus they will get more like 8 or 9 hours of direct sunlight, compared to the 4 hours in the morning they get in the living room. Plus, it’ll be easier to harden them off from there.

This is all new stuff for me so, at this point, I’ll be happy with a 50% success rate! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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