Taking “finding strange things” to a whole new level

While doing my morning rounds, I decided to go into a couple of the sheds and look around.

The first one is among those that is falling apart and really needs to be torn down. There are many holes in the roof, so the dirt floor is quite wet and muddy inside.

We would need to go through its contents and figure out what to do with them. We can’t tear it down yet, because that will leave a gap in the fence into the hay yard, and the renter’s cows go into there. I want to change where the fence is, eventually, so I don’t want to put in new fence. It will stay there for probably a few more years. If it doesn’t collapse, first.

I’ve been in here several times, but didn’t really look closely at the pile of stuff in the corner. I might have noticed this before, but it feels like I’m seeing it for the first time. I’ve tried to outline it and make it stand out better, so you can see it, too.

This is a small plow. I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be pulled with a horse.

When my dad bought the property, he upgraded to tractors, but a horse and her foal came with the farm. No horse drawn plow has been used here in something like 50-60 years.

This is definitely a keeper.

There’s also an object near it; you can see the metal wheel and a gear near the front of the plow. I can’t see it well enough to even guess what it is. It should be interesting when we finally get to cleaning up that corner, and finally see all of it.

I next went into the side shed of the garage and moved the snow blowers to the back and lawn mowers to the front. There is a shelf against the back wall that seems to be tipping more and more. Thankfully, there is lots of stuff in front of it, so it can’t actually fall over.

While looking in it, I noticed this box.

Cool! That would be so awesome, if there were an actual angle grinder in the angle grinder box.

Of course, I know by now that the likelihood of that is very low.

Even so, this has got to be top of the list of weird things we’ve been finding.

Yes. Those are teeth.

Human teeth.

I’m pretty sure they are real teeth. You can see that one molar has cavity holes in it.

Judging from the adhesive on many of the plastic pieces, it looks like quite a few have fallen off. The bottom of this box is likely covered with loose teeth.

Now, I can probably imagine how these were acquired. My late brother did demolitions, and this was one of his workshops here at the farm. When tearing down buildings, he often found unusual things, and was able to bring home some things that would otherwise have ended up in the landfill. Many were quite usable. For example, he tore down old restaurants, and we still have commercial quality table cloths he’d found, and my favourite cutlery is from one of those demos. It’s amazing what gets left behind in places. He likely was doing a demolition of a place that once had a denturist or something in it.

However they were found, the questions remain: why keep them? Why leave them in this shed? What was the plan for these?

As we find keep finding odd things, I now keep them in mind for some future found object art pieces I plan to make and set up around the property.

These teeth will likely have a prominent part in this! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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