Goat progress

I got to spend a bit of time outside this evening, just to try and get the goat used to us being about.

I wasn’t able to get a photo, but I actually got her to eat out of my hand!! She wouldn’t let me touch her, though. As soon as I moved, she would take off.

She did go into the pen we made, but I think she realizes that it can be closed up behind her, because she leaves as soon as we move near, even just to walk past.

One of the things I did was go around, sweeping away her little round presents on the steps and concrete. Somehow, she even managed to poop in one of the cat food bowls!

While I was doing that, she did this…

Too funny!

Cats like to hang out at both windows, and she is very determined to get close to a cat!

As I went around the yard, she started to follow me around. She always kept her distance, but was very curious.

Once inside, I left the inner door open for a bit, so she could say hello to Fenrir. 😀

What a cutie!

Meanwhile, we still need to think about the offer the owner made, to give us both milk goats. I don’t know if we’ll be able to set up a pen of them in the next while. It’s something I will need advice on, just to know what we need. Not just for the two goats, but their kids, as well!

I am waffling back and forth on this, by the minute!

As I was writing the, my husband called me over.

The goat is watching him through his window! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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