So I was wrong about that…

A few days ago, I mentioned in a post about getting bit by a horsefly while by the garage door.

Since then, I’ve looked at the wound and thought, that doesn’t really look like a horsefly bite.

Maybe a spider bite? I’d been walking into spider webs at the corner of the garage door a few times. Could that be it?

Or something else?

Recently, while going through the open doorway, I heard some buzzing, but couldn’t see anything. I knew that there were old wasps nests up under the roof, near the peak, but with the garage door open, they could not be seen.

When I headed out this morning, I left the garage door open. On returning home, I pulled into the yard, so a few minutes ago, I went to put the van back in the garage. Remembering the buzzing noise, I pulled the garage door down from the inside, about half way, so that I could see under the peak of the roof.

Nope. No new wasp nests.

So I opened the door enough to duck under it, then closed it from the outside.

Where I was immediately surrounded by a cloud of buzzing insects.

Thankfully, while I felt some bounce off of me, I did not get stung as I dashed away from the door.

This is what I could see when I looked back.

Do you see where the arrow is pointing?

That’s an opening under the wood siding.

What the camera did not pick up was all the wasps, flying in and out of there.

So I went back into the garage through the back door, then turned the light on.


That nest is big enough that every time the door was opened or closed, it hit the nest. We never saw it, since we open and close the door from the outside. When it’s closed, no one is inside to see it. When it’s open, it’s hidden from view.

No wonder I heard buzzing when the door was up, but didn’t see anything! They would all have been above the door itself.

This is not good.

Since I’d closed the van in the garage, this meant we couldn’t open the door again to take the van anywhere, without disturbing the wasps.

The nest had to go.

So I put together enough hoses that I could reach into the garage and blasted it away. When I could no longer see any sign of it left on the beam, I dragged the hose around to the front of the garage to spray the other side.

There was, however, no sign of the nest.

If you look at the top picture, you’ll see a piece of metal, bent in a right angle, along the top of the garage, This keeps the handle of the door from hitting the top of the frame. Which, I notice, is starting to sag slightly. It seems to be keeping the pieces of the nest from falling through the opening.

So I went back inside, sprayed some more in there for a while, then opened the door from the inside.

Still no sign of the nest. It looks like the pieces went for a ride with the door itself.

I sprayed the heck out of the area, anyway, then left the door open.

There are still wasps buzzing about. In fact, as I write this, I have seen a number of them that have flown high enough to be picked up by the security camera. Oh! There go a few more!

Eventually, they will go away.

For now, I’ve left the hose near the garage, and I’ll give things another spray in the morning! Just in case.

Oh! There are some more of them, flying past the security camera.

Yeah, we’ll be staying away from there for a while…

The Re-Farmer

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