Starry sky

I headed out last night to brush spider webs away from the garage security camera. The infrared flash was reflecting off a single strand of web, but it was enough to completely mess with what could be seen!

That and seeing a spider go by on it is a bit alarming. 😀

Which is why I happened to be out to notice the incredible number of stars that were visible.

Time to break out the Gorilla pod and see what I could capture with the camera on my phone!

Now, I will admit off the top that I have only the vaguest understanding of the manual settings on cameras. I’ve had them explained to me often enough. The problem is that when I try to adjust things, what I get is often the opposite of what I’m supposed to get.

Very frustrating.

So what I ended up doing with my phone’s camera is just adjusting settings and trying them out until I find something that works.

Then I don’t touch them again.

To get these pictures, I set up the Gorilla pod’s legs to hold the camera almost parallel to the ground, and a couple of inches above. I can then step back and use voice commands to take the actual photo.

The first pictures that worked were taken in the inner yard.

Aside from resizing the images to 50%, these photos are straight out of the camera.

The above is the first picture I took that worked.

Can you see the shooting star? Quite a few pictures had them. Most of which I missed seeing while the photo was being taken.

Though I made sure to set up in the shadows of trees, the yard light does actually affect the outcome, as you can really see in this next one.

The camera may have been in shadow, but the tops of these trees were partially lit up by the yard light, so they look SO much brighter!

I’m so happy with how the Milky Way shows!

For the next couple of photos, I’d moved into the outer yard to the mowed area in front of the storage building. This put the pump shack between me and the yard light.

No adjustments made to the settings, and the images are much, much darker, just from the yard light being blocked by a building.

So many more stars are visible with the long exposure, that it’s actually harder to make out constellations. In the above photo, you can just make out the handle of the Big Dipper, near the bottom.

In some of these photos, there were blades of grass visible in the frame. This one just has some seed heads waving around on one side.

Such an incredible view!

I am so happy I was able to get these photos.

I love technology.

The Re-Farmer

4 thoughts on “Starry sky

    • Just with my phone! I’m really happy with it.

      We went out again last night, and my daughter tried with her DSLR and tripod. She didn’t get a single good photo, and could not figure out why. Nothing worked.


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