I went for it!

So with the destructiveness of the cats, we had pretty much decided not to have a tree, but to decorate in other ways, instead.

But I still wanted a tree.

This morning, I went ahead and started working on it.

I ended up screwing small cup hooks into a wall and a shelf, then used some paracord to hold the plant stand we’ve got under the tree.

After I spent time fixing the bent branches on the tree. I didn’t have much luck straightening the “trunk”, though.

For the ornaments, I focused on the smelly ones! We didn’t bother bringing up all our decorations, but the bin the garlands and advent wreath were in, had a couple of boxes of ornaments in it that I picked through.

Here is as far as I’ve gotten, so far.

The little embroidered “pillows” at the top are scented. The rest have all sorts of dried spices on them. Of course, the dehydrated orange slices, with their dusting of ground spices, are there as well. The only non-smelly things on there are the birds I’m using as tree toppers.

I was then left with a mystery.

What did I do with the dehydrated orange slice decorations I didn’t dust with spices? I had to put them where the cats wouldn’t get at them, but there are only so many places that could be!

I just spent the last hour, trying to figure it out, but it wasn’t until I started writing this that I finally remembered. I’d hung them on a stick, then hung the stick up, out of reach of the kitties.

Once I’m done this post, I’ll go finish decorating! πŸ˜€

So far, while the cats were VERY interested while I was putting on the lights and garlands, they have not been going for the tree.

When it’s done, I will hopefully have the base and paracord covered in such a way that it will discourage the cats from trying to jump up into it. I might be able to use our tree skirt, after all!

Which me luck!! πŸ˜€

The Re-Farmer

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