Our 2021 garden: The Pressure is On!

As we acquire the tools and supplies we’ll need to preserve the bounty we hope to have from our garden this year, we have been picking up canning supplies and the materials do to water bath canning.

We also want to can low acid foods, and were on the lookout for a pressure canner.

My family found something we thought we could use, but alas, it was not to be. We did decide to keep the pressure cooker, though. It’ll still be useful!

As I posted about our conundrum, I had some wonderful people leaving comments and helping me along with something we have never done before, which was greatly appreciated.

Then one wonderful person – you know who you are! – went above and beyond.

Today, we got a large, very well packed box in the mail.

We have been gifted with a pressure canner!

The only thing that’s missing is the instruction manual, which can be downloaded online.

Did I mention it was well packed? šŸ˜€

There are even extra parts and pieces!

Also, the cats were very curious. Especially about those packing peanuts. Even after I boxed them up and closed up the flaps, I caught Susan sneaking a paw in and stealing a peanut. Twice!

The internet can be rather unpleasant, especially with all the crazy going on right now, but then something like this happens, and it reminds me that there are some very wonderful people out there, quietly making the world a better place. šŸ™‚

The Re-Farmer

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