Evening Kittens!

Today, we did indeed break the 30C/86F mark, but by the “cool” of the evening (you know you’re acclimatizing to the heat when 27C/81F starts to feel cool!), the kittens were out to play!

I haven’t had much luck getting Butterscotch’s babies to come close while I’m sitting in the camp chair, but they’ve come closer to my daughter when she sit on the ground. So when I had the chance, I decided to get down on the ground to see if I could lure them closer.

It worked.

This was totally worth the pain of having to get back up again! 😀

Also, I would like to introduce to you, Bradicus, of the twins, Bradicus and Chadicus. These two look very much alike, but Bradicus has the distinct white line going up his forehead, and a white tip on his tail.

Out of focus in the background is Caramel, with her caramel coloured swirls on her sides.

Awww… Butterscotch and all her babies. 🙂

Nutmeg was enjoying attention this evening, and he even let me pick him up! As long as we don’t try to walk, he will let us hold him, and he gets very cuddly!

Rosencrantz’ babies were running around, too.

Meet Nosencrantz.

I wasn’t able to get a picture of her orange sibling, Toesencrantz, this evening.

Then there are Junk Pile’s four, but when we see them, it’s usually in the form of a tornado of kitten, running away across the yard. Hopefully, they will start hanging around more.

So many furry babies! ❤

The Re-Farmer

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