Our 2021 garden: assessing the corn damage

Well, I’ve cleaned up the mess in the Montana Morado corn.

There isn’t much of it left. 😦

I decided to shuck what cobs I could find.

Get a load of this little mutant corn!

There are three tiny cobs growing out the base of the main one – and they were all developing kernels!

What a loss. 😦

I considered the possibility that the damage was done by raccoons, but they would have actually eaten the corn, not just knocked over the stalks. None of these have been nibbled on. Which puts me back to thinking “cat fight” as the most likely cause of damage.

When I first ordered these seeds, I thought I was getting a variety of corn from Peru that was being successfully grown in the US. However, the info on the website changed, and it turned out this is a variety that was created in the US from glass gem corn. In the cobs on the left, you can see that some are more blue than purple, and others are more red.

I found a source for the Peruvian variety that I thought I was getting. For next year, I want to get those and try again.

With better critter protection!

That purple has some real staying power. It won’t wash off! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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