My husband was right. :-)

A little while ago, I posted a photo of a mystery critter hole we found by the outhouse.

The small size and lack of a mound of soil had me wondering what critter made this. My husband suggested that it was a back door for the groundhog den. I didn’t think so, since it was so far away from the nearest den, and the grogs are bigger than the hole.

Today, while walking to the garage, I spotted a grog by the outhouse. Curious, I walked towards it and, sure enough, the big bugger actually managed to squeeze into that hole and disappeared! It really is a back door!

Thanks to my brother McGyvering a fix on the push mower, I was able to get all the mowing done in the inner and outer yards.

All of it.

I even managed to mow a lane to the back gate.

When my daughters got back from running some errands for me, one of them was a sweetheart and remembered to grab the can of orange spray paint and marked the yard hazards for me.

I kept forgetting! There’s several rocks, plus some roots and the remains of a tree stump that seem to be lifting higher every year. The rocks, I except, but I’m surprised by the roots and stump.

She even marked the grog hole! 😀

To give an idea of how far away from the den opening this is, I was standing roughly parallel to the grog back door when I took the previous photo of the yard. The main entry to the groundhog den is way in the background, on the right, where the orange tarp is covering the pile of wood they made their den under. I’d estimate the distance is about 80-90 feet between them.

Which means they’ve dug tunnels right under our garden beds.

That is a LOT of digging!

The Re-Farmer

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