That was probably good timing

As much of an inconvenience it was to set up our new Starlink system in the winter has been, it looks like it was good timing. It looks like we’re all getting our OS updates, and with each of us having our own desktops, that would have done a number of our data limits!

My computer downloaded the update when I shut it down last night. When I started it up this morning, after doing my morning rounds, it spent the next while updating and restarting itself until it was done.

I did remember to get photos of the finished set up, this morning.

You can see where my brother ran the wire across, above where the old cables were. The one that’s hanging down was from the dish that was removed, which was the only one that had a connector. I’ll have to go back and tie it off so it doesn’t blow around in the wind, as soon as I can, until we can take it the rest of the way down.

Plus I’ll re-wrap the excess cable and make it tidier. My brother was a bit enthusiastic about making sure it was secure to the wall, so I’m not in any hurry to take out those screws! ๐Ÿ˜€ Hopefully, I’ll be able to use the same screw holes when I put it back, because I sure don’t want to make more of them!

I did a speed test on my phone while I was at the burn barrel in the outer yard. Not too shabby!

This is my desktop, taken just this evening.

We have better signal in the outer yard than I have in my office! ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s still pretty darn good. Especially when I checked checked the outage log on the Starlink app. There were just three of them in the past 12 hours. Not sure what could obstruct it up on the roof like that. One, shortly before noon, shows the signal was obstructed for 10 seconds. The other two were just a minute apart. One was “no signal received” for 3 seconds, and the other was “network issue” for 13 seconds.

We never noticed any of these.

The app has a visibility check, showing any obstructions it is picking up from its current location – which is handy, since we have no way to get up there and do a check with a phone – and there are just the tiniest bits of red showing in a few places on the edges. Most of it is clear view, in all directions.

Since we got set up, my husband has tested its limits. There were some games he was curious about and downloaded them, tried them, then uninstalled most of them. There was one game he’d tried before, but it was unplayable. He’s now able to play it. Even my daughters, who play Star Wars in the evenings, have had a number of problems they were having simply disappear. For my older daughter, it’ll mean she’ll be better able to upload files, which will free her up to do more complicated, data heavier pieces, such as her animations and videos.

So far, we all are really, really happy with the improvements!

The Re-Farmer

4 thoughts on “That was probably good timing

    • Yikes!

      When we heard about the delays, we thought we’d be lucky to get it by spring. I guess we signed up early enough to still be high on the list.

      When I picked it up at the post office, a guy stopped to ask me about it. He had signed up, but it took so long, he cancelled. Now he thinks that wasn’t a good idea, because he’ll be bottom of the list if he signs up again.


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