Must… resist! (Updated)

Aw, man, it’s all I can do not to go all Cookie Monster on the muffins I just finished baking!

I ended up making a dozen each of three kinds.

The cornmeal muffins were a basic recipe, though I added a bit of sour cream to the milk, for extra flavour.

Oatmeal muffins with a streusel topping, from the simplest recipe I found online.

Spinach and cheese muffins! I spotted a recipe online, but it used frozen spinach, which we don’t have. So I just used a basic muffin recipe, adding some of our dried spinach to the liquid mixture to reconstitute for a while, and added shredded cheese to the dry ingredients. We had some small pieces of Havarti and Old cheddar left over, so I finished off both.

The girls made supper while these were cooling, so I’m being good and waiting until after I have a meal before having any muffins.

But it is soooo tempting to have “dessert” first! 😀

The Re-Farmer

Update: Taste test is done!

Spinach and cheese: I think I didn’t have enough flour or over mixed these. They were almost like a quiche in texture! Still very tasty.

Oatmeal with struedel topping: not as sweet as I expected! Nice, but of the three, these were my least favorite.

Corn meal: these were awesome. The touch of sour cream gave a surprisingly big flavour boost. Corn meal muffins are my favorite, so no surprise I liked these best!

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