More convoy talk

A lot of people are following this story, so I figured I’d make a separate post to talk about the Freedom Convoy.

To start, I just have to share this news conference, from Keean Bexte of The Counter Signal. I absolutely recommend watching the whole thing.

As of this writing, the GoFundMe is over $8.8 million. If you listen to the interview above, they say they have the resources to stay in place for several years, if necessary.


And convoys are still arriving. There are so many convoys out there right now, they’ve lost track.

Meanwhile, truckers that weren’t able to join the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa have been holding their own protests at their provincial legislatures and at Canada/US border crossings.

There are people I know who are there in Ottawa, including neighbours, and I follow many others who are there. So I’m getting a lot of uncensored, first hand commentary on what’s going on – though it’s so huge, even that is barely touching the surface. The atmosphere remains incredibly positive, uplifting and united.

Our mainstream media, of course, isn’t reporting that.

One of the things people are suddenly clutching their pearls over is that protestors *gasp* draped Canadian Flags on a statue of Terry Fox, along with a paper sign saying “Mandate Freedom”. Terry Fox is a major Canadian hero. They are claiming the statue was “defaced”.

Seriously. They are actually saying that the statue was being defaced by the Canadian flag.

There have been other reports focusing on portraying the protestors in the most negative light. In one of them, a horde of protestors supposedly pushed their way into the soup kitchen of a homeless shelter, demanding food. The shelter organizers claim they were able to diffuse the situation by giving them soup.

To say that doesn’t pass the smell test is a massive understatement. There has been so much food, and other supplies, already donated to the convoy that people who approached truckers, intending to donate food, instead found themselves being offered food from the truckers! There is more than enough food for everyone. No one actually part of the protest has any reason to go to a homeless shelter for food, nor would they “demand” food from a homeless shelter.

An exception to that statement just showed up in one of my groups. If you can read the screen cap below, there are truckers on an isolated part of the highway, barricaded by the police.

So any troubles truckers are having to get food is outside the city, and deliberate. From the timestamp, this is was posted 2 hours ago, from the time I’m writing this.

While I have no doubt the incident at the homeless shelter happened, there is no way this was done by genuine protestors in Ottawa. Quite a few people have been outed for inserting themselves as if they were part of the protest, while doing things like carrying Nazi flags.

There has been an interesting thing going on. Communications are being blocked. Anyone could download the Zello app and listen to chatter on the CBs. There is no longer a signal. I’ve tried to listen in myself, but it’s dead. People have talked about other communication troubles, widespread enough to suggest they are being blocked externally.

Our media’s representation (and lack of it) of the Freedom Convoy is even being blasted by other countries, as in the video above.

You know things are bad in Canada in regards to the restrictions, when they are commenting on how extreme it is, in Australia.

How the media is handling this was the topic of conversation with Viva & Barnes. This is an excerpt of their regular livestream from a few days ago.

Viva and Barnes are both lawyers, so they provide some very interesting perspectives.

Most people know better than to listen to our own mainstream media, not to mention most of our politicians. However, there are still those who swallow the narrative, hook, line and sinker. They have gleefully accepted the notion that the truckers are white supremacists, Russian operatives, or whatever favorite derogatory narrative fits their preconceived notions, all on the edge of violence, and no amount of first hand evidence will change their mind. It’s bizarre to see, but they are most definitely in the minority. You can easily tell the difference between those who support the truckers and those who don’t. Supporters are overflowing with excitement, passion, love, hope and joy, and it’s infectious. The detractors are angry, condescending, insulting and dismissive. Mostly, though, they are contemptuous of people they clearly see as beneath them, and unworthy of being viewed as even human. It would be an interesting psychological study to look into how their views of humanity developed into what they are now. It is so opposite from what is happening across the country right now.

For many years, my biggest frustration with my fellow Canadians has been apathy. We’re so busy being “nice” and “polite”, it’s been destroying our country. With my own family having escaped the evils of both Nazism and Communism, I could see the road we were going down, and it was incredibly alarming. It is one of the reasons I am so thankful that we were able to return here to my family farm, and escape the city. Now, for the first time in my life, I see that something has broken. Something has snapped. A dam has broken, and there is no stopping the waters pouring through. Canadians have been pushed to far, and the apathy has been swept away.

Our country will be a completely different place, when this is over.

The Re-Farmer

23 thoughts on “More convoy talk

  1. I have been following this from the beginning. Trucker convoy videos are all over Telegram. I will be doing my own post, tomorrow.

    I am glad to hear/read about the millions that will assist them to stay there for some length of time. Good for them!

    There appears to be a trucker convoy in the works, here in the US.

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    • Telegram and Signal are among the places a lot of people have turned to, since FB and Twitter are so dedicated to censorship. A lot of groups, profiles and accounts are being disappeared – my own personal account has been restricted, repeatedly, and I’ve seen a massive increase among people I know, who are having to use their secondary accounts to post. I know one person who has 6 FB accounts, and most of them are in FB jail right now. I’ve never seen anything like it!

      It’s not working, though. I’ve heard about convoys in the US forming, as well as many other countries. It’s sweeping the globe, and the censors can’t stop it.


      • I have a place-holder for FakeBook, just so my Messenger will work. Other than that, I left FakeBook years, ago. It’s a cesspool, just like Twitter. Are you on Gab? Or Minds? Both are cool.

        We outnumber the so-called leaders.

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      • I tried Gab. Found it to be another cesspool. I’ve got MeWe, Parler and Gettr. Problem is, all my friends and family are on FB.

        We tend to forget that the only authority leaders have, is what we give them.


      • Hmmm…were you in groups on Gab? Andrew Torba, the owner of Gab, is big on free speech and a staunch Christian. He doesn’t censor and his servers are independent from AWS and others. MeWe censors just like FakeBook. I’ve never tried Parler and Gettr is a Twitter alternative? There are those on Telegram claiming they censor, too.

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      • I quickly gave up on Gab. I think the only groups I joined were gardening or canning related, which weren’t really active, and I followed a few people I had been following on other platforms. It was pretty vile. Lots of anti-semitism, and some pretty disgusting, usually sexual, attacks in the comments. I even had some random dude respond to a comment I made by attacking me and making sexually explicit and disgusting comments about my daughters, for absolutely no reason. Completely unconnected to the topic at hand.

        So far, Gettr looks to be a better option. I don’t do Twitter. I’m on Parler, but there’s not much there to keep me active. I have heard people complaining of censorship on Telegram, but from what I’ve seen on the groups I’m on, I’d say it wasn’t people being censored so much as getting removed for their abusive posts. It’s not as bad as Gab, but I’m seeing quite a bit of anti-semitism on Telegram, too.


      • Well, that’s the thing about free speech. The bad comes with the good. Once the censoring starts, it isn’t free speech, anymore. People say ugly things…all the time. I chalk those folks up to having miserable lives. Much of the younger generation act like angry little toddlers with wet diapers. I blocked many when I was on FakeBook. Gab allows you to do the same. We can also remove any nasty comments from our blogs, here (we can’t block, tho…).

        Fifteen years ago, when forums were really hot, there were nasty trolls and you couldn’t block them. All you could do was ignore them or, sometimes, an administrator would remove them if they advocated violence and/or threats.

        The only other alternative I know is, stay off social media.

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      • I have not tried Minds. Locals is another one I hear good things about.

        I have Instagram, but don’t even visit anymore. Not much point to it. I pretty much stopped using Flickr when they suddenly limited to only 1000 files.


      • Hello, and thanks for the info. The problem with anti-semitism is it is the wrong word. It should be anti-jewism if anything or anti-Israelism may be.

        Sem is from Shem who was probably the father of a third of the planet’s current population. Those who want to divide and rule us like to use misleading words.

        The same is true of black and white races. We are one race, the human race so there is nationalism, tribalism, tongues-ism (!) even family-ism (!) but no racism. And I have yet to see someone truly bleached white or coal black. I say pale or dark, less divisive in my books.

        I take about such matters on my site.

        Kind regards

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      • Agreed re: the definition of Semite. Words do have a natural evolution of meaning over time, however. If you say, anti-Semitism, people know what you’re talking about. But the same people won’t know who the Semites are, because they’ve never heard the word used separately like that.

        And yeah; we are all one race. Melanin content of a person’s skin cannot change their humanity.

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      • Many thanks. I agree ‘If you say, anti-Semitism, people know what you’re talking about.’

        But the problem is they don’t really know, they only think they know. They don’t understand true discernment, that there are two types of people within every nation in essence. In the case of the Jews for example, there are Jews who are Jews inwardly and follow righteous ways because they want to in their heart.

        Then there are Jews who say they are Jews but are not Jews, but are of the synagogue of Satan.

        Until people realise that there will be unresolved problems.

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  2. I have followed this somewhat and find the way the government dictates and goes out of its way to belittle and squash the protest. Very disturbing the way their prime minister speaks about the Canadian people who sinply disagree with him and his treatment of them.

    Did the miss a memo?

    It has worked around the world to dismiss, vilify, and squash protests over any part of the covid business. The media has been complicit in this with governments and that is one of the big issues as it has shown how not only is media subjective and biased, but also compromised by ideology.

    When the political and media class finally understand that they went too far and they have done too much damage to societies they probably still won’t give a damn but will back off and tone down their crap for a while.

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    • Our Prime Dictator has been caught in scandal after scandal, and found guilty of ethical violations. He should have resigned after the first one. His own party should have turfed him by now. Instead, they just ignore the outcry, keep doing their own thing, and people eventually move on. That’s one example of the apathy that disturbed me so much.

      On top of that, T2 lives in a bubble of wealth and privilege. He has accomplished nothing on his own. He’s have everything handed to him, because of who is father was. I am convinced he is so detached from the real world, in his protective bubble, I don’t think he even knows what’s going on around him, other than through his own narcissistic filter. Which, I am convinced, means he is incapable of recognizing that he’s gone too far. It doesn’t help that he’s surrounded by enablers.

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      • He is part of the WEF Young World Leaders group, which includes Macron, that bitch in NZ (Ardern?) and Dan Crenshaw (here in the US). They are all Schwab puppets. The only way to stop this madness is for the masses to rise up and say “NO MORE.”

        The US is a different creature as we are all armed to the teeth…and we have our Bill of Rights. If DC keeps pushing, it will blow up in their faces.

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    • Agreed. There is a way to go yet. I think Justin spends too much time looking in the mirror admiring his good looks.

      And remembering he was born on Christmas Day as people think Jesus Christ was. In his mind this means he is Jesus Christ returned.

      What Jesus Christ thinks of him is unrepeatable.

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  3. Many thanks indeed. I stopped being PC in 2020 at 60 years old. I am a bit slow. I due use a PC however.

    I gather PC’s are a bit slow. Like Peter Slo-ly in Ottowa, Police Chief of the Ottawa Police Service. I use the word Service loosely as disservice may be more appropriate. I have a post in draft which may be of service to people.

    Kind regards

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