When you’re in a hole, stop digging (convoy talk)

I’ve been wondering how our political overlords would handle the peaceful, legal convoy protestors in Ottawa (and other parts of the country).

It seems like they are digging in their heels.

The federal government and their media lackeys continue to repeat their lies about the convoy, though there is some shift to try and say the mandates and restrictions are a provincial matter. Which is only partially true. When the federal government offers the provinces billions of dollars in covid aid – but only on the condition that the provinces lock down – you can’t turn around and say it’s not the federal government’s responsibility. Plus, of course, the federal government has brought in its own restrictions in areas of their jurisdictions. This is an intertwined situation.

Well, last night, the city of Ottawa declared a “state of emergency”. Then send in the police to steal fuel, as well as threatening to ticket and arrest anyone who brings food or fuel to the protesters.

This was actually very clearly a staged event, intending to intimidate. They came in, they took fuel, they left.

Which, as some are pointing out, is illegal.

We don’t even need to look at the Geneva convention. In Canada, if someone doesn’t pay their heat or electric bills, it’s illegal to shut the utilities off in winter. It’s even illegal to evict people in winter. The reason is simple: doing so can (and has; that’s why the laws were brought in), kill people. Such is life in the Great White North.

A lot of the truckers are living in there trucks with their families, including children. They need to keep the rigs doing, to keep warm. No fuel, no heat. No heat, and people die. Such is life in the Great White North.

Organizers quickly put out their own press release about it.

Police were also going to start arresting anyone carrying jerry cans of fuel to the truckers, and were even arresting farmers with empty slip tanks in their pick up trucks.

The result?

People started showing up, carrying jerry cans. Full, empty, whatever. They were everywhere.

I thought this one was hilarious.

May be an image of text that says "WATER BOTT TLE DRINK BOX SORT OF THING"

If you want to know why that’s hilarious, this is why…

The police have also started handing out tickets and arresting people for minor infractions that they had to hunt for. Sometimes, just for driving by and honking a horn in support.

If you watch the video, the old guy was arrested for not showing his ID – except you saw him earlier, taking his ID out of his wallet and holding it out to the officer, who didn’t take it.

Ah, but now, it’s illegal to honk your horns in Ottawa!

Now, I’ve been in a situation where the place we lived in was invaded – occupied, you might say – by noisy protestors. They literally used noise as a weapon. This was a residential community, and we spent most of a year, constantly being harassed and abused. They went after the elderly, the disabled and even children. They held a huge, illegal block party, with non-stop drumming that left people with brain injuries and PTSD in the hospital, and even dogs were throwing up from the noise.

The police did nothing. Politicians did nothing. In fact, we had federal politicians come in from Ottawa, taking part in one of those illegal parties (there were several of them), and promoted our tormentors as heroes, while we were the villains. Constant calls and complaints accomplished nothing. Video evidence ignored. The media twisted the narrative against us. We even had police liaison officers who, when I asked directly, admitted that yes, there were two laws; one for regular people like us, and one for the people who spent most of a year tormenting us. Why? Because it was a public employee union doing the harm, and we…, well, it was just our personal, private homes, so we didn’t matter. In the long term, they lost their war against us, but the damage they caused was permanent.

So I have little tolerance for the police or politicians when they suddenly decide that a peaceful, legal protest, held in a legal location, are being given a hard time for doing things in a controlled manner. The honking, for example, is at certain times, and there is no honking at night, so anyone claiming they haven’t been able to sleep because of the honking at night is flat out lying.

Speaking of lying…

There is no evidence that any of the protestors stole food from the homeless. The incident at a soup kitchen still has nothing to show that it was actual protesters or their supporters that did it. There is so much donated food, there is more than enough for everyone, including the homeless.

In fact, the only violence has been against the convoy of protesters – but that certainly isn’t fitting the narrative!

Yeah; the guy that deliberately ran into 4 people on the side of the road was a far left extremist. And the police are classifying it as merely a “hit and run”. The protesters are slandered as racist, homophobe, nazi, Putin operatives for having a party, keeping everything clean, and making sure everyone is fed, but a guy that deliberately runs over them is just a hit and run accident.


Our Prime Dictator is still in hiding, leaving his lackeys to continue lying on his behalf. They are actually getting some push back about it all, now that the opposition Conservative party has an interim leader with balls bigger than the guy she replaced.

The Liberal mouthpiece just keeps repeating the same old lies that justify keeping the restrictions, even though we’ve known for a long time, that the evidence does not back any of it up.

The thing is, while we can – and should – argue the efficacy of things like mask mandates and specific vaccines, that’s not what the protest is about. The convoy is there so that people can have a real choice, and not be punished for making the “wrong” choice. A coerced choice is no choice at all.

Our political overlords tried to get the trucks towed away, but the tow companies have refused. Now, it’s even being said towing couldn’t possibly be done. The only way for those trucks to move, is if they are driven away – and that would take days.

Our political overlords have tried to stop the flow of money from supporters. If failed. GoFundMe allowed themselves to be bullied into taking the money, and now they have several states opening investigations into them, and facing massive losses from all the people filing to get their money back through their banks, every one of which results in a bill of about US$15, and it’s devastating them. Meanwhile, the GiveSendGo account is, as of this writing, almost US$5.5 million. This amount has been raised even though the site keeps having issues from the sheer volume of traffic, on top of DDoS attacks.

Our political overlords have tried to make the police have their “surge” and threaten to ticket and arrest everyone. At some point, people were even told they had 5 minutes to leave, or they would all be arrested. As if it were even possible for anyone to leave in only 5 minutes. Well, that failed, too, if only because they couldn’t possibly have enough manpower. They are still threatening arrests, but they the sheer number of people they would be arresting would overwhelm any facilities they have.

They’ve tried intimidation. Threats. Lies. Slander. The legacy media reports only on the counter protesters, trying to sow even more division and hate.

But in the end, the protesters and their supporters remain united, and the more our political overlords dig in their heals, the more support THEY are losing, while the convoy protestors being even more united. United in joy, love and enthusiasm.

All of this could be over very quickly. Our political overlords need only call an end to the mandates and restrictions. Let people decide for themselves.

Instead, they seem to be digging in their heels, ramping up the threats. Word is leaking out that they will be staging an all out assault.

Will this actually happen?

Pray it does not. The reality is, our political overlords are just power hungry enough to do something like this. Especially our Prime Dictator, who openly voiced his admiration for China’s “basic dictatorship”.

The problem is, they are just arrogant and narcissistic enough to think they can do that, and get away with it.

But will they truly go that far?

The Re-Farmer

11 thoughts on “When you’re in a hole, stop digging (convoy talk)

  1. Thanks for the updates once again, very appreciated. I’m so glad to hear of the continued and coordinated support, it’s very uplifting even though I understand how high the stakes could get. That makes me terribly sad to consider. And yet, I can see no other way to get folks to see how bad it really is with our governments all around the world. The corruption has been off the charts for as long as I’ve been alive and it’s not gotten any better at all and folks must get that and see they must take action on their own behalf and that of future generations or it will only continue to get worse. This federal vs provincial matters you mention is a classic ruse of confusion and passing the buck that has been pulled off in the US many times. Clinton pulled that shit when he was governor of Arkansas during the Iran-Contra ‘scandal’ (international criminal conspiracy) saying first his state’s role was all part of the federal operations, then when he got into the White House turned around and said those were State issues and out of his jurisdiction. Billions of tax dollars spent and a decade of investigations changed not one damn thing.

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    • The corruption seems to have gone to while new levels, of late – and much more open. It’s like they don’t bother even trying to hide it anymore, because they know they can get away with it. And they seem to be right about that!

      As for jurisdiction, federal governments have no problem overstepping their bounds when it suits them. :-/


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    • It all does seem to lead back to the CCP, doesn’t it?

      I have seen video of a woman thanking protesters, weeping so hard, she could barely speak. She had escaped China, long ago, but was seeing what she escaped in China, happening here in Canada, and it terrified her. The Freedom Convoy finally gave her hope.

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