Ramping it up (convoy talk)

Just a quick one today.

I’m just so disgusted. Our lying Prime Dictator is bad enough, but I just got a response email from my own MP (Member of Parliament) – a Conservative. It was a form letter, due to the overwhelming number of emails they’ve been getting. Fair enough, but the email was just mouthing platitudes, with the requisite disavowing of … negative elements, shall we say … none of which have anything to do with the actual Freedom Convoy participants. He was basically talking out of both sides of his mouth, and it’s pretty much exactly what I expected from him, though I hoped that for what’s going on now, he’d finally stop playing games.

Then there is stuff like this.

Remember that fuel the police were ordered to return to the truckers?

They sabotaged it.

Yup. Almost all the cans returned were tested as half water. Sick.

But not as sick and their next threat. They are talking about going after the kids.

For their “safety”. I’ve heard it from a number of sources.

This is not the first time Children’s Services has been used as a weapon, and my own personal experiences with them has shown me just how bad they can be.

As for the children’s safety, crime rates in the area are down 90%. Crime has all but ended, since the truckers showed up in Ottawa. Any danger to the kids is from the police themselves, if they continue to ramp up their actions. And we know the powers that be want violence, to justify extreme measures.

The other “safety” issues I’ve seen brought up is the supposedly high CO levels in the truck cabs some families are living in. This from the people who have been forcing children to wear masks, which test at toxic levels of CO and CO2. If they really cared about health related safety, no child would be wearing a mask, at any age.

Going after the kids, if they do it, is sick beyond belief.

I leave you with just one more video. In this one, a woman challenges CBC staff, and … well… just watch it.

Meanwhile, more protests are happening across the country, more are planned for this weekend, and more are happening around the world. It is a tsunami, sweeping the world. People are fighting for their freedoms, and the powers that be are flailing, and they don’t care how many lives they destroy in the process.

I was about to ask, how did we get to this point? But I know the answer. Little by little, demands were made of us, and people complied. They kept moving the goal posts, further and further, and people complied. The more people complied, the longer they complied, the deeper the hole we dug ourselves into.

Now, people are standing up, and it’s a beautiful sight. They are doing it with love for each other, with peace, unity, enthusiasm, passion, and joy.

And that terrifies our wannabe overlords.

The Re-Farmer

10 thoughts on “Ramping it up (convoy talk)

    • I’ve always been a strong supporter of the police, while, of course, still recognizing that there are bad cops. Seeing what’s going on now, it seems that all the good cops have quit or been driving out, and only the bad ones are left.


  1. Child Protective Services can’t even handle the real cases that need intervention, let alone made up ones from the police and govt.
    I think this is a scare tactic, trying to get people scared enough to leave…
    As for the gas, I am in no way surprised they tampered with it.
    Which begs the question…if they watered the gas and people used it, how do they expect them to move the trucks???
    Not a terribly smart move.
    Of course, we’re talking govt and police here so… 😉

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  2. Trust in Our Lord! Child Protective services in North America are well documented for their Child trafficking, sexual and physical abuse……
    If they try this…..just watch the Canadian’s and the World by God’s Given grace put a stop to their perverted and criminal atrocities!
    They are going to push so far, that it shall be their undoing………..
    Take comfort in these words:
    Pro 3:3 Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart:
    Pro 3:4 So shalt thou find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man.
    Pro 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
    Pro 3:6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
    Pro 3:7 Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.
    As long as we stand peacefully, and praying for our leaders, forgiving them their wicked sins, because “they know not what they do”…….stand back and Watch the Lord work His wonderous Works against evil…..
    Lord bless you.

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  3. I’ve kept quiet till now, BUT…

    First let me say that I’m with the Freedom Convoy overall. The government is out of hand and it’s about BOTH parties. ALL THAT SAID, however… the way BAD, inflammatory reporting gets parroted by people is amazing. The first guy never offers ANY evidence of the water contamination, much less that the police were directly responsible for it. THAT is called “hearsay” in criminal court. One of the suggested videos for viewing at the end is how Ottawa police are quitting in record numbers. Is being an all powerful bully that exhausting to them, or, like cops all over the continent, are they just sick and tired of playing babysitter and getting spit on by anyone who doesn’t get their way?

    Rank and file cops don’t make those kind of policy decisions, especially in big cities.

    The children story… All this guy is doing is reading from another website that offers no direct quotes or evidence. Is that the kind of dirty tactic I’d expect corrupt government officials to use to intimidate protestors? Hell yes. We don’t know for sure if it’s hearsay, just a handful of possibly justified cases that have been blown into threats of mass arrests, or worse though.

    Oh, and CO and CO2 are GASES. They can’t get “trapped” in the fabric of masks that are not even truly waterproof. Basic elementary school science.

    My point here is that conservative news sources lie and distort the truth just as much as liberal ones do. I’ve caught Sean Hannity in so many half truths over the years it’s not even funny. These YouTube folks get paid for generating followers. It’s sensationalism driven ratings just like the mainstream media. Remember the guy I ripped in my own blog for his YouTube reports of planned concentration camps for homeless people in California?

    The media is the bigger problem in the world; keeping everyone at each others’ throats over distortions of values. Everyone is an overlord on one side, a fascist on the other, and both are power mad according to each other. Meanwhile the cops are pawns smeared by everyone.

    As for the Convoy itself, yes, I do overall support them. However, you can’t say anything bad that happened was in no way connected to the convoy. Better to be intellectually honest and say if anything bad happened, it was a few bad apples that did not reflect that values and goals of the group as a whole. Likewise, I have little doubt that the convoy parked there in Ottawa is causing traffic issues, some degree of sanitation issues, and is keeping food from getting delivered to stores, etc… to some degree as well. Grounds to condemn the whole protest? NOPE. Change always involves some pain.

    The fastest way to get change is to start treating each other like human beings instead of some existential threat to be beat down or worse.


    • You make some excellent points, and I’ll address what I can in separate replies, so as not to make too huge of a reply.

      Re: the “both sides” of government point, it should be noted at in Canada, we really don’t have any representation for conservatives. Our federal government is Liberal, but most provinces have Conservative premiers. The Conservatives aren’t conservative, any more than the Liberals are liberal. Right now, there’s really very little difference between any of them. They all mouth platitudes, but when push comes to shove, they will happily throw their constituents under the bus for their own benefit. None of them are trustworthy, as far as I’m concerned. There are a few that seem to be supporting the truckers, and I’ll take that for what good it might do, but I fully expect that those same people will turn around and stab them in the back, too. We’ve seen too many of our politicians do that already. We have no “sides” right now. Just posturing.

      In the mainstream media, it’s the same. Even the “right wing” media, isn’t. Even among independent media, they are far more centrist. This has been verified by organizations like Pew Research and Media Matters.

      With anything to the “right” of Karl Marx now being labelled as “extreme right”, or “alt-right”, etc., the labels have become meaningless anyhow. This is why I prefer to get information from as direct a source as possible; ordinary folk, such as the ones that made the videos I shared in this post, over more formally recognized media.

      I don’t know about the “concentration camps for homeless people” in California. I don’t watch Hannity, so I wouldn’t know about him. I can’t stomach most media.

      In my own province, the provincial government has had public job postings, looking for staff for their “quarantine” locations. Looking at these, they are internment camps, plain and simple, whatever fancy or feel-good label is used for them. There is even an indigenous group that has built their own “quarantine” camps, which they were quite proud to talk about. Anyone can drive past and see for themselves. Well. At least as close as the fences with barbed wire at the top will allow them to.

      This is not a right or left thing. This is a government overreach thing, and they’re all doing it.

      … on to the next point…


    • re: the contaminated fuel, I find the demand for “proof” rather amusing. Let’s just say, the only times I see such demands have been… one sided. There are many claims being made about the truckers being violent, threatening, vandalizing, beating people up, etc., and no one ever demands proof of that. *L*

      I think you know very well how much damage contaminated fuel can cause. That’s why they have people on board who know how to test it. Finding out the fuel has been contaminated doesn’t tell us who did it. Was it the police? Was it someone who had access to the fuel that did it on their own? Who knows. That would need the police to investigate. And I really don’t think they’d be allowed to do that.

      As for the police quitting, that is something no one has been able to confirm; for the most part, the protesters and the Ottawa police on the ground are getting along very well. Problem starts when the politicians start using the police in a show of force. Like having them come in in body armor, and snipers on the roof, to confiscate some jerry cans of fuel at one collection point, in the dead of night. This was very clearly a show of force and an intimidation tactic. There is a regular police presence during the day. They are gone during the night. The cops used for these shows of force are not the same ones.

      Now, we do know that the police are stretched thin and getting tired, so other police are being brought in to rotate out, so officers can get a break. We also know that there are police that are quitting over this, because some of them are speaking out publicly. But these are numbers that are not being made public and cannot be confirmed. Therefore, it’s all conjecture. There’s no choice about that right now.

      As for police being spit on, nope. That would be assault and would give the powers that be an excuse to move in. The protesters have been exceedingly careful, because they know they are being held to a completely different standard. They may speak out and call them out, they will document everything they can, but they will not do any more. This is something that has been agreed on, across the board. It is well established that different levels of government and policing, as well as groups like Antifa, are inserting instigators. There is a constant state of awareness of this, and the protesters are “policing” themselves to ensure the political powers have zero legitimate reason to move in with excessive force.

      There is no doubt that there are police officers that hate being used like this, but like so many others, they can’t afford to quit.

      … on to the next point…


    • Re: the threat to use CPS to take their kids.

      As stated, this is very much an “if” situation. There are videos out there of protesters reacting to being told that CPS could be brought in to take their kids, due to “safety” reasons. Would CPS actually do that, if asked? From personal experience, I know it’s possible. I’ve seen them basically kidnap kids out of safe and loving homes, to return them to abusive ones. I’ve seen their lawyers lie in court. I’ve seen them manipulate kids into lying, to suit their purposes.

      But would they take the risk the outcry that would happen if they started removing kids living with their parents in their trucks? I suspect not. More likely, it is an intimidation technique, to try and scare protesters into leaving. But who knows.

      … on to the next point…


    • re: CO and CO2 toxicity. Yes, they are gases. But masks are breathing barriers. O2 molecules are really small. That’s why tires filled with nitrogen is better than tires filled with compressed air.

      The issue of CO2 toxicity under masks has been well known for a long time. Yes, they pass through, but they also displace oxygen, because the molecules are larger and heavier. There have been many examples of tests showing the CO2 levels in mask showing how quickly toxic levels are reached.

      They don’t usually test for CO, but in some trades, they have to have the equipment to be able to constantly monitor O2, CO and CO2 levels, because of the work they do. They are required to shut down and evacuate if the CO or CO2 levels get to a certain point. That was were I saw CO levels being tested. There are also specialists in respirators and masks that have spoken out about these dangers. It is a very real problem, and one that’s been known about for decades.

      … on to the next point…


    • re: disruption by the convoy.

      Disruption is kind of the point of all protests. Having said that, as much as possible, they have taken great care to ensure that people can still get to work if they want to, emergency vehicles in particular are never blocked, and so on. Even the bridge blockades have made a point of making sure emergency vehicles can get through, or keeping one lane open, etc. Full blockading is not constant.

      The locations of the protesters does not prevent food from being delivered to stores. There is no reason for stores and businesses nearby to be closed; the protesters would be some of their best customers, as the few coffee shops, restaurants, etc. that have fully opened (with no segregation) have found.

      As for sanitation, that was another thing the protesters took on for themselves, when public washrooms were shut down, and the city took away the trash cans. They’ve got porta potties set up. They hung garbage bags around for people to use. They have block captains making sure garbage is picked up. The sidewalks are being cleared and salted. Right now, the areas where the protesters are, in every city I’ve seen, are in better shape now then ever before. Which is saying a lot, considering the winter conditions we’ve had this year. This goes back to the point I made earlier, re: the police. They know that any excuse will be used to justify the political powers calling in the big guns, so they are going out of their way to make sure the political powers have nothing to do on.

      Which leaves the media and politicians having to invent lies about vandalism, violence, racism, etc. There was that one guy who showed up with a nazi flag – a guy that people tracked back to the ritziest, most expensive hotel in Ottawa, frequented by politicians, lobbyists, ambassadors and the like. Not many protestors can afford $800 a night hotels. There was one guy with a modified Confederate flag, with a truck in the middle of the design, that was the ONLY person with a mask – he was wearing a balaclava and sunglasses – and he was told to leave. He did. There was one guy with an anti-Semitic sign. He was not only made to leave, but his sign destroyed. Etc. The point is, because the legitimate protesters are having to be so exceptionally careful to keep things legal and peaceful, it makes it very easy to single out instigators – but T2 and the mainstream media will still lie about it.

      Are the truckers angry? Yeah, of course. Do they sometimes show that anger? Yeah, of course. Are they responding with the sort of hate and violence the mainstream media is claiming? Not at all. And there’s a reason for that. They will not give the political powers the excuses they want to move in, in force.

      I think I addresses all the points you made. I hope it helps.


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