Morning kitties, and some things still buried

The bitter cold is still hanging in there. Even with the sun shining so bright and clear, we don’t reach our high of the day until late in the afternoon. Thankfully, the deep freeze is supposed to end today and tomorrow, and then keep warming up as we head into March. I’m not holding my breath on that, since the cold has already been sticking around longer than forecast.

The outside cats have handled things well, with their shelters all over the place, plenty of food and access to warm water.

The winter sown seeds are still buried, though. I just cleared them a bit; any more than that will be done when we’re hauling snow away with the wheelbarrow, so we don’t end up with melted snow draining into the basement.

We ended up leaving the doors to the sun room partly open all night, when we saw cats using the swing bench as a bed. Potato Beetle prefers to eat in here, well away from the main crowd of cats – and an aggressive Distinguished Guest. Agnoos has a liking for the sun room, too.

Plus, sitting on rigid insulation instead of snow must be much nicer on the butt!

The heated water bowl was frozen over, though I’d made sure to turn on the power bar, so I topped it up with some warm water, too.

It wasn’t until I uploaded this picture of Broccoli, peaking at me, that I suddenly remembered something.

When I took the set up on the mini-greenhouse frame off, I had unplugged the power bar.

I never plugged it back in.

Yeah, that might explain the heated water bowl not working!

It’s plugged in now. 😀

Meanwhile, I’ve heard from the Cat Lady today. She sent me pictures of a very roly poly and healthy looking Cabbages, snuggled up with her daughter.

They watch cat videos together.


Yeah, I’m thinking Cabbages might not be going anywhere else. She is quite bonded with Tiny Human!

At the time I’m writing this, both Nicco and Saffron should be recovering from surgery. The cat lady promised to let me know how they did. She’ll be swinging by here today to drop off kibble for us, so we’ll probably get updated then.

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This morning turned out to be a busy phone morning. At least by our standards. 😀 My husband had phoned in a prescription refill to be delivered today, so I called for my own refill, only to discover they had no refills left on file. Just last month, they’d had to fax my doctor to get more refills, and for some reason, he’d only added another 30 days.

So while they faxed the clinic again, I called them up. The receptionist figured my doctor wanted me to come in, and could I do that this morning?

Uhm. No. Even if we had transportation, they’re a 45 minute drive away.

When I explained we had no transportation, she set up a phone appointment for me, for late this morning.

That done, I tried to move on to other things, only to have the phone ring again.

It was a Jehovah’s Witness lady that calls every now and then. Normally, I don’t have any problem chatting with her, but had to cut it short this time.

Then my mother phoned, just 10 minutes before the doctor was supposed to call me!

Normally, our phone rings maybe once every week or two. 😀

The call with the doctor went well. He did want me to get some blood work done. I told him we have no transportation right now, so I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to come in. They no longer fax requisitions to other labs, so no chance of getting it done closer. Which is fine. Whenever we have wheels again, I can go in at any time, pick the requisition up at the reception desk, then turn around to the lab across the room.

I think I’ll wait until after March 15, when our province is supposed to finally open up completely.

Which has nothing at all to do with the trucker protests. Nope. Not at all…

We’ll see if it actually happens or not.

Hopefully, our van will be ready for pick up tomorrow. I want to contact the garage again to make sure they have the space for my mother’s car before I arrange a tow. Then I have to figure out how to get there myself, to pick up our van.

I really look forward to having transportation again!!

The Re-Farmer

Still cold out there!

Man, am I looking forward to the backside of February.

I’m sure the cats are, too, in their own kitty way! Not a lot of them out and about this morning. Bright and sunny, but a very chill wind.

I’ve been leaving the sun room doors open while I do the morning rounds. After removing the frame of the mini-greenhouse, we no longer have anywhere for the heat bulb or light, but I went ahead and turned the power bar on for the heated water bowl again. I swept up the area a bit, poured the remaining kibble into one of the old ice cream buckets we store in there, then lay the sheets of rigid insulation on the floor again.

Potato Beetle may not want to be kept in the sun room anymore, but he was the first one to dash in when the doors opened.

Then started eating kibble out of the floor sweepings, instead of the bucket.


He did eventually start eating not-dirty kibble, but sheesh! 😀

Agnoose and Tuxedo Mask are quite happy to go into the sun room, too. The box nests we made in the shelf by the window are still there, and they made themselves at home in the sun spots. So I left the doors slightly open when I finished my founds and came back inside. We can close them after the cats leave on their own. 🙂

With the really long fall we had, one thing we missed doing before the snow finally arrived, was putting the insulation back between the doors. With the door in the dining room, we would just put them in between the main door and the storm door, and leave it. With the main entry door, we’d attached the insulation to the inner door with self-adhesive Velcro strips. Some of them kept falling off, though, and we never found a satisfactory substitute. With the inner door breaking at the hinges and frame, we simply don’t use it right now.

This is the dining room door.

The loop of paracord is attached to the outer door, which would sometimes pop open. It allowed us to let the cats look out the window, and not worry the door would fly open and they’d get outside.

The main entry door just has some frost in one bottom corner.

This is actually a lot less than what we had during our first winter here!

At some point, both doors, and frames, will need to be replaced with proper exterior doors. The main entry first, of course. I was going to get an estimate from the company that installed the new windows the summer before we moved in, but I haven’t been able to find them. Even the sign they had on the highway is gone. I fear they were one of the many small businesses that disappeared, due to the government restrictions. I would prefer not to go with one of the big franchises, but they seem to be the only ones left.

In other things, I’ve been in contact with the cat lady today. She is going to swing by tomorrow with some kibble for us! We’re running low, and have no way to go pick up more. She’ll drop off an extra cat carrier, too, for the next time we bring cats to the vet that she will pick up for adopting out. It turns out she had all these bags just sitting in her garage. She was able to coupon them for 27 cents each. !!! But her own cats won’t eat it. They only eat the $80 a bag stuff. Which is what Cabbages is eating now, too. I also found out that they are vegetarians! She buys all sorts of chicken and cooks it for the cats, but they only eat fish, themselves.


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I also finally heard back from the garage about the van. I completely forgot that yesterday was a statutory holiday, and he was closed. He’ll be able to do the van earlier, and has ordered the part today.

Now we just have to figure out how to get there to pick up the van when it’s ready. Since we have to tow my mother’s car in, we could potentially have arranged it for the same day, and gotten a ride in with the tow truck, but they don’t allow passengers anymore.

We’ll figure it out. I do miss living in a free country, though. 😦

Yesterday, the House of Commons voted in favour of the Emergency Measures Act – with no end date! Not a surprise, since the NDP were going to support it, no matter what their constituents wanted, nor how many laws are broken. It’s now up to the Senate. I’m told they’re supposed to vote on it today.

If you’re the praying sort, place pray for Canada. We need all the divine intervention we can get right now.

The Re-Farmer

Our 2022 garden: first canteen gourd sprout!

Well, it looks like shifting things about in the big aquarium greenhouse made a different.

The very first canteen gourd sprouted, yesterday evening!

I really hope these succeed. It takes such a very long time to dry out gourds like this, before they can be used to make things. Our first year trying to grow gourds, they got decimated by frost after transplanting. Last year, we had the drought and the heat waves, and they just didn’t get a chance to mature. Hopefully, we will have a good growing year this summer, and starting these so early indoors will give them the time they need to fully mature. Then they’ll need probably at least a year in a cool, dry place to fully dry out.

We shall see!

The Re-Farmer

Our 2022 garden: seedling jail

Okay, in between dealing with all sorts of other issues, I think we’ve found a way to set up the mini-greenhouse in a cat-proof way.

The frame is sitting on top of a very sturdy, heavy oak chair. It’s tied to the chair legs in a couple of places, and to the back, to stabilize it.

The patched up plastic cover is also over the back of the the chair, for further stability, though it’s tight enough to make zipping it closed a bit of a challenge.

For some reason, I got it in my head that it had 3 shelves, but it has 4. We have two plastic seed starting trays, one with pots, one just a base, that fit perfectly on the shelves. We also have two baking trays that can hold larger, heavier pots, if needed, and can still be used to water from below. They are shorter and wider than the shelves, but if we need to use them, they should fit on the top two shelves. With the cover going over the back of the chair, the bottom half is pulled too tight for them to fit there.

The bottom shelf is flat on the chair seat, so that cats should not be able to get through from below, and the cover is stretched snug enough at the bottom, they shouldn’t be able to get through there, either.

We’ll leave it for a day or two to let the cats get used to it, and see if they manage to knock it over or anything like that. There is the potential that they could knock the entire chair over, even as heavy as it is.

The mini-greenhouse is facing the window, but there is a shelf behind it, and we might be able to set up more light from the other side, too.

If it seems to work out with the cats, we’ll be starting shallots in there, first. And if it still remains cat proof, I’m hoping to be able to transplant the excess tomatoes out, next.

Here’s hopin’

The Re-Farmer

Well, we’re hooped, 2 down, and surprising Cabbages update

Oh, man. What a day this turned out to be. Talk about topsy turvy!

It started out normal enough.

The deer were visiting the feeding station before seed was even put out. Tissue was enjoying watching them. We had several come by today, including the piebald.

Nutmeg was waiting his turn in the cat path as I put the kibble out.

So many cats! I count 13 in the photo.

While outside, I shoveled out the last two paths that were left to do. One was the path to the feeding station. The other was the cat path from the kibble and cat house, to the storage house.

We had cleared around the cat’s house, since we needed to open the roof up to get inside, and had tried to maintain most of it. We’ve pretty much given up on the back, though. There’s no room for the snow anymore.

The cats have taken advantage of our being able to keep the side of it clear, and have managed to still access the space under the cat house. Only the smaller cats can fit into there!

This is the opening they’ve managed to keep clear to get under the storage house. With the lilac bush there, we can only shovel their path so far, but they’ve packed down their own trail to the opening.

I’m not happy with The Distinguished Guest. She went after Creamsicle Baby today. Hard. I had to break them apart. Poor Creamsicle Baby was bleeding at the neck a bit, though from all the black fur on the snow after they battled, he defended himself pretty well.

Since we no longer have cats convalescing in the sun room, I went ahead and cleared the frame for the mini-greenhouse and brought it inside. The cover had a couple of tears in the back, so that had to be fixed.

While trying to figure out how to secure the mini-greenhouse, I got a message from the cat lady. She was in town and we worked out that she would leave her carriers in the donation bin at the shelter, and I would pick them up later.

She also let me know that she’d left Cabbages behind, snoring with their 5 other cats. !!

As soon as I could, after it was confirmed the carriers were dropped off, I headed out to start my mother’s car to go get them.

I turned the key, there was a loud POP, and it died.

I have no clue what happened.

I opened the hood, but there was nothing visible that was out of the ordinary.

We now have zero transporation.

Crud. We’re hooped!

The first thing I did was send a message to the garage about our van. It’s booked for a new alternator on the 28th, which is when my husband’s disability payment comes in (last business day of the month. However, he does get a smaller CPP Disability payment 3 business days before the end of the month, which falls on the 24th. Normally, that would have been our day to do a big shop but, obviously, that’s not going to happen anymore! It is enough to cover the cost of the repair, though. I haven’t heard back from him yet, and just left a phone message, too. Hopefully, I’ll connect with him soon. I did mention in my message to him, that we now have no way to pick up the van anymore! I’ll also have to get my mother’s car towed to him, but I’ll arrange that after we get things worked out about the van. We moved my mother’s car into where we normally park the van, so we’ll have to get it out of the garage, anyhow.


My mother’s car may have the block heater, battery warmer and trickle charger, but there’s still a lot under the hood that can freeze. My suspicion is that it has something to do with the starter.

I then messaged the cat lady.

Not only could we no longer pick up her carriers, but there’s no way we’d have the van back early enough to bring the cats in to the vet.

Also, just this morning, we had decided to make a change on which cats were going in. The cats have been after Nicco again, and my daughter asked if we could have her go, instead, for her own protection. So we decided on Nicco and Saffron, instead of Turmeric and Saffron.

The cat lady responded almost right away, asking if we could get them if she came over with the carriers.


Yup. She just took it upon herself to take in two more cats for a couple of days, then bring them in to the vet herself on the 23rd.

What an amazing woman!

After giving directions on how to find us, a daughter and I started working on patching the cover for the mini-greenhouse. We didn’t get very far, when I got a call to confirm our location. She was at the intersection, but there was a misunderstanding in my instructions, and she turned the wrong way. She was already here!

So one of my daughters snagged Nicco while I grabbed Saffron, and we brought them to the sun room for her.

Not only did she come with her two carriers, but she also brought us some canned cat food! It was left over from Cabbages, who is now turning her nose up at Tuna.


We had a chance to talk for a while, and she updated us with some surprising information.

When the vet first saw Cabbages, he thought she had ingested the poison from something like a flea and tick collar. We don’t use those. All her bloodwork had come back healthy, yet she struggled to stay alive. She’d even had a seizure after the cat lady had picked her up from us. The eventual conclusion was the toxoplasmosis somehow getting into her brain. The treatment was the same, either way, for her condition.

Well, they’ve done another blood test. This time, a toxicology test at a different, specialized lab – a $400 test!

The test confirmed this compound was in her blood. She was poisoned. The vet thinks she got into fertilizer.

We don’t have fertilizer in the house.

Somehow, the vet thinks she was getting miniscule amounts of fertilizer over a long period of time, it built up in her brain until she finally became so very ill. Our force feeding her and keeping her hydrated with the syringe kept her alive long enough for the cat lady to get her to the vet.

We are absolutely flummoxed. The only thing we’ve got is Miracle Gro, it’s kept in the sun room, and the cats can’t get at it. Cabbages has never been in the sun room, anyhow.

While she was updating us on the mystery that is Cabbages, we also talked about Nicco and Saffron. She expects Saffron to be adopted out quickly; female orange tabbies get snapped up quickly right now. Calicos, however, are very hard to adopt out for some reason.

We also found out that she doesn’t like calico’s herself, nor female cats. However, her 5 yr old daughter has informed her that if they adopt out Cabbages, she’s moving out. 😀

I know they already have someone lined up to adopt her, but it’s starting to sound like they might be keeping her themselves. Now that Cabbages is healthy, she won’t have anything to do with the cat lady or the other adults, but she and their daughter are inseparable. She gets along with their other cats – and even their blind dog! Cabbages had never seen a dog before, but not only do they get along, she even went for a ride on him! She had climbed onto him while he was lying down, and when he got up and walked away, she stayed!

Cabbages may already be in her forever home!

Meanwhile, Saffron and Nicco will be staying with the cat lady for the next couple of days, make their trip to the vet, then stay with her for 2 more weeks. At that point, they will be ready for adoption and will stay with a foster until new, permanent homes are found.

We also talked about the next vet appointments in March. It will be worked out as we get closer to the date, but the vet is saying they would prefer to have one male and one female. We have no males indoors that need to be fixed, but we do have outdoor males that we can catch. So next time we may be bringing in one indoor female and one outdoor male.

It’s a shame we can’t catch any of the outdoor females. The only ones we could were Butterscotch and Nosencrantz who are now indoor cats, and Rolando Moon, who is already spayed and not going anywhere.

Oh, wow. As I was writing this, I just got sent a couple of photos. Saffron and Nicco have arrived at the cat lady’s home, safe and sound, and are now sharing the cat cage Cabbages had been recovering in. Saffron was comfortably eating already. Nicco has her usual stressed out expression. 😀

Cabbages, meanwhile, is helping the cat lady’s daughter colour, after giving the cat lady her “equivalent to the middle finger” then went on her way. 😀 What an attitude!

I knew the cat lady had already spent $1200 of her own money on vet bills a while ago, while still having weekly vet visits. Now I found out they did that really expensive toxicology test. She has easily spent over $2000 on Cabbages! That’s just in vet bills. She’s also been feeding Cabbages a special, nutrient dense, high calorie diet as she recovers.

All the more reason we started the fund raiser to help cover the costs. At $1500, it won’t cover everything, but it’ll at least cover a substantial amount!

If you would like to contribute to our fundraiser to reimburse the cat lady for Cabbages’ vet bills, click on the button below, or click here. If you would like to read more about it, click here.

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Now we’ve got to figure out what Cabbages got into that caused this. We don’t have flea or tick collars. We don’t have fertilizer. I asked what else might have this compound, and she didn’t know.

Whatever it is, none of the other cats are showing signs of being sick, which makes it even more confusing. What was she getting into, that none of the other cats are getting into?

I’m at such a loss.

Meanwhile, we are now down two more indoor cats. Since we’ve brought in Nosencrantz and Butterscotch, that brings us back to 15.

The cat lady not only brought us the canned cat food Cabbages will no longer eat, but has promised to bring us more donated dry cat food, too.

What an amazing woman!

This takes a weight off our shoulders, as we can now focus on getting transportation again. I’ve let my mother know about the status of her car – reassuring her that all I was doing was keeping her informed, and not expecting her to do anything about it. She started telling me my brother will come out and fix it. No. I’m not expecting my brother to drive all the way out here to try and fix her car. Even if we did know what happened to it! But men always know more about cars than women, so I should at least talk to him.


Well, whatever we end up doing will depend on what the mechanic finds, after we get it towed out to him. Hopefully, it’ll be something we can afford to fix out of April’s budget. The van is already taking up every bit of wiggle room in March’s budget. :-/

Not having a vehicle is just not a good thing out here. Yes, we’re okay as far as basic necessities. It’s more about if there’s some sort of emergency, like if my husband suddenly has to go to the hospital.

Ah, well. It is what it is. We’ll deal with it.

It’s not like we have any choice in the matter!

The Re-Farmer

Just look at that face!

How cute is this?

Nosencrantz is adapting rather well to being an indoor cat!

We’re still keeping her mostly in my office/bedroom, while letting some of the other cats in. Not any of the inside cats that are up for adoption, though. My daughters have been carrying her around the house every now and then, so she’s at least seen them around.

Butterscotch, meanwhile, has been quite content to stay in her nest in my closet, coming out every now and then for attention. She has zero interest in leaving the room, so far! Maybe she’s catching up on some much needed rest, after all those years outdoors.

I’m not sure when Nosencrantz is going to be taken by the cat lady for adopting out. She and Butterscotch were supposed to be outdoors by now. The outdoor cats weren’t going to be adopted out until after the indoor cats were all taken in to be spayed, then taken home by the cat lady to recover before going to the fosters and getting adopted out. Which means Nosencrantz may be staying with us indoors until about May, since the other indoor cats should be all tended to by the end of April, if all goes as planned.

I haven’t heard from the cat lady about Cabbages recently, which means all is well. I expect to hear from her on Monday, when we work out getting her cat carriers to use, instead of our own, when we drop Saffron and Turmeric off at the vet on Wednesday.

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We’re going to miss Rosencrantz. She’s a sweet, gentle cat!

The Re-Farmer

Our 2022 garden: seedling therapy!

After seeing my weather apps flashing warnings for the blizzard that, thankfully, missed us, now I’m seeing new alerts.

This time, for extreme cold.

Which is NOT missing us!

The -23C/-9F is one thing. The -36C/-34F wind chill is something else. And look at those overnight temperatures! Yikes. Thankfully, the wind is mostly from the north. One of my daughters and I were out there for an hour or so, shoveling out the paths, so we were mostly sheltered. Not so much when my daughter was clearing the paths to the compost pile, back of the garage, and the outhouse. I had to use the wheelbarrow to clear away snow closer to the house, since the surrounding piles are too high, and the snow just falls back into the paths in that area, but at least I was out of the wind!

The temperature has actually dropped in the short time since I took this screen cap, and I’m now seeing -25C/-13F with a wind chill of -37C/-34F.

Previous long range forecasts had us warming up again right now, which clearly isn’t happening… but then, they never included another blizzard, either. Now we’re seeing the cold staying for four more days, before things are supposed to start warming up, and keep slowly warming up into March.

We’ll see how accurate that turns out to be!

Having a bit of garden therapy after shoveling snow was nice, even if it was just a tiny bit. It’s not like the seedlings need much tending.

The onion trays are starting to look a bit hairy – and not just from all the cat hair all over the top of the soil (and everywhere else in the house… LOL). With this tank being a bit cooler, and not having a heat mat under it, today was the first time they needed a top up of the water in the aluminum tray underneath them.

As for the big aquarium greenhouse, I decided to switch things around.

The two rows of gourds had been next to the end of the tank. Yes, there’s insulation against the glass, but it still gets pretty cool, with that end of the tank next to an outside wall. The heat mat below was also a bit off centre, so the canteen gourds would have been getting ever so slightly less warmth from below. I decided to move the gourd end of the tray to the middle, away from the colder side of the tank, making sure they were completely over the heat mat as well.

There is still just the one luffa growing. There are more Cup of Moldova tomatoes coming up than expected! My daughter had issues with seeds sticking to each other, while she was trying to plant just 4 or 5 per pot. I’d like to simply transplant the extras, while they are still tiny, as demonstrated in this video.

The problem is, we don’t have any more cat-proof space for more pots. We could bring in the mini-greenhouse from the sun room; that would give us space for 3 trays of the size the current pots are in, but we still haven’t figured out how to keep the cats from clawing their way under the plastic cover again. At least not without making it just as impossible for us to get in, as needed. I hate the idea of “wasting” thinned seedlings, if we don’t have to! Especially since the Cup of Moldova tomatoes are the ones we want lots of, for preservation purposes.

Ah, well. We’ll figure it out! Thinking about such things is great garden therapy, when it’s so frickin’ cold outside. 😀

The Re-Farmer

We lucked out

The predicted blizzard conditions we were getting warnings about, passed well to the south of us. Once it swept down from the mountains and across Alberta, the system made its way mostly along the Canada/US border.

I guess there are some advantages to being further north!

What we did get was wind.

And deer.

Five of them!

The two in front are our usual visitors. The three in back are new ones. As least, that we’ve seen. For all I know, they visit when we’re not around to see them.

Unfortunately, the three visitors decided the chokecherry and saskatoon twigs were delicious!

After I took the video, I turned the living room light on, so they could see me, then waved my arms around like a fool. The two regulars ignored me, but the ones eating the twigs went away. And that’s all I wanted!

The two regulars came back later.

They were digging down really deep into the snow, to try and find more seeds!

This is what the area looked like this morning, after I put more seeds out.

That deep hole is almost completely filled in, and the snow is hard packed, from the high winds.

This wasn’t the only area blown over. I actually had to push my way through a drift, just to get outside!

It even drifted into the kibble house, though the cats did a good job of flattening it.

Check out the heated water bowl!

After knocking the snow out of the kibble trays and putting food out, I dug out the water bowls, knocking a thick layer off the top of the heated bowl. There was still water in it, though it was lot enough the cats would have had difficulty reaching it through that hole.

I ended up letting Potato Beetle out of the sun room this morning. He’d trashed a few things, trying to get out. He’s not injured anymore, and the only reason we were keeping him in was to prevent other cats from attacking him again. He was happy to be out, and hopefully, he will manage to keep away from whichever cats have been aggressive towards him.

Once the sun room door was open, though, Agnoos, Tuxedo Mask and Chadiccus were right in there! So I left the power bar on, for the light, heat bulb and the other heated water bowl, and left the doors open. When I was done and ready to come inside, I left the doors open just a little bit, so the cats can go in and out. I think there might have been four in there, at the time. We’ve since spotted Tuxedo Mask through the bathroom window, in his favourite spot on top of the board the heat bulb’s fixture is attached to, and under the light. The plan is to close the sun room all up again, after we go out and shovel out at least some of the paths – the wind chill is still pretty extreme right now – but we might have difficulties getting the cats out when we do! 😀

The Re-Farmer

ps: Just for fun, I compiled some short videos I got of the piebald deer, a few days ago. Turn your sound up, and you’ll hear the purring and chomping noises from Susan, who kept trying to eat my phone while I was taking video!!

Sad times (convoy talk)

There are so many people posting video and live streaming what’s going on in Ottawa right now, it’s hard to keep up.

One of the most insane things is that Parliament got shut down yesterday. The irony of using the Emergency Act to shut down Parliament, when they are supposed to be debating about invoking the Emergency Act, is off the charts. This video explains a lot of the Parliamentary process, with questions answered.

This is Andrew Scheer, who used to be the leader of the Conservative Party, and was Leader of the Opposition until 2020. Personally, I think the Conservatives have seriously dropped the ball on things, and have done a terrible job as Opposition, contributing to the state we are in now, but there is a lot of good information in this video.

One of the black marks of yesterday involved an elderly woman being knocked over and trampled by police horses. There are a lot of histrionics about what happened, with many claiming she died of her injuries. She did not. Family has spoken out. She did suffer a dislocated shoulder and, of course, it hurts, but she is otherwise fine.

The really insane thing is that the Ottawa Police are lying, repeatedly. They have claimed that the protesters were being aggressive to the police. They were not. They tried to claim a bicycle was thrown at one of the horses – complete with an aerial image with an arrow pointing to the walker on the ground, as if it was the “bicycle” in question – which did not happen. As the video above shows, there was a bicycle in the crowd, but it wasn’t near the horses, and the guy had complete control over the bike the entire time.

The Ottawa Police chief resigned not long ago, and his replacement resigned after only 2 days. I don’t know who they have now, but they seem to have found someone who is completely on board with police brutality.

While I’ve been able to confirm that the woman is all right, I have not been able to find out anything about the guy. From different angles of video I’ve seen, he tried to shield her with his body before they both got pulled under the horses. It didn’t look like they were together, but just happened to be next to each other. Of course, there are people saying that he’s dead, or critically injured, but usually from the same sources still trying to claim the woman had died.

What was interesting to find out is that she is Mohawk. Strangely, when it comes to protests right now, even though all peaceful protests are still allowed if the Act is invoked, certain “classes” or protesters are exempted from our Prime Dictator’s list, including the Indigenous, refugees and illegal immigrants.

Which kind of shows just how our current federal government views our First Nations people.

Pissing off the Mohawk is not a good thing. Just look up the Oka Crisis of 1990. Which, even though it involved the police, the military, a whole lot of guns, and the death of a soldier, did not result in the invocation of the 2 yr old Emergency Measures Act.

Oh, and while the police in Ottawa were going after peaceful protesters, there was an actual eco-terrorist attack.

It was reported approximately 20 people, some armed with axes, were attacking security guards and smashing their vehicle windows. It was initially reported that some CGL employees were trapped, but all had managed to safely leave the area.

Upon police attendance at the 41 km mark, the roadway had been blocked with downed trees, tar covered stumps, wire, boards with spikes in them, and fires had been lit throughout the debris. As police worked their way through the debris and traps, several people threw smoke bombs and fire lit sticks at the police, injuring one officer.

Amazingly, while looking up a link to the story, I actually saw a headline claiming the attack was done by “Anti-Vax protesters”.


The Ottawa Police are not the only police branch that’s openly and brazenly lying.

I remember seeing the first story when it came out – complete with the photo – and how it was confirmed by the RCMP that the incident was unrelated to the Coutts border protest. Then suddenly, the same photo was being posted with a story about the Coutts protest being raided. Except I’m pretty sure the protesters had already cleared the area before the story “broke”.

The problem with the Federal government, legacy media and the police lying so much is that everyone is busily recording everything and posting it online for all to see. Like this one.

You can see that the police moved in all at once, on an order, not due to any aggression on the part of the protesters. The woman that was injured (not seriously, thankfully) is a reporter for Rebel News, which is funded mostly by donations. No government money. Our current federal government has been trying for years to shut them down, or at least prevent them from being part of the Press Gallery, but the courts ruled against the government on that one.

I didn’t see any tear gas in the above video. People are saying pepper spray has also been used. The Ottawa Police have claimed no pepper spray has been used. They may not have been using pepper spray, but from videos I’ve seen, they were definitely spraying something onto the protesters.

Another thing that’s been happening is a whole lot of arrests. Apparently, over a hundred. However, there are many videos out there of people who had been cuffed, taken away… then released soon after. They were arrested for “mischief”, but never told what they had done that they were being arrested for (one video I saw, a guy was arrested for flying a Canadian flag on the side of the road!). They were driven anywhere from 15 minutes away, to 1 1/2 hours away, before being released. Many described being “dropped off in the middle of nowhere”.

They all made their way back to the protest site.

Of the violence that has happened, it has ONLY happened at the instigation of the police.

In reality, there is a lot more of this.

While the government continues their action, and organizers are being arrested, they’re not succeeding. As I write this, there is a back-up convoy on the way, and I know many people who are either already on their way in their own personal vehicles, on their way.

This is far from over.

Which reminds me; the police themselves are creating their own blockade, unlike the protesters. Word is, they will be preventing food from entering the city, which will then be blamed on the truckers, as an attempt to turn support against them. Divide and conquer. This is as much a psychological battle as an ideological one.

On Monday – two days from now – there is supposed to be a vote in the House of Commons. The NDP are siding with the Liberals, so unless there are enough Liberal MPs that break ranks, the invocation of the Emergency Act will be approved by the House. However, it still needs to be voted on by the Senate, and they have stopped Trudeau in his tracks before. This is not the first time he’s made a power grab. Just the most blatant.

Assuming our Prime Dictator doesn’t decide to just suspend Parliament entirely.

The Re-Farmer

Yard critters, incoming storm

This morning was another contradictory one, where the temperature was pretty decent and warming up, but the winds made it insanely bitter outside!

I got some photos yesterday, of the piebald deer visiting again. Her face was packed with snow, from digging under to find the seeds that had been blown over.

Check out where she is, in relation to the bird bath! For the snow to be that high – and hard backed enough to hold her weight – is really something!

The piebald chases these two away if they come around.

I got this photo before heading outside this morning. They’re really digging into the snow to find seeds! When I came around with my little bucket of feed, they ran off, but watched me from the trees. When I next looked through the living room window shortly after finishing up outdoors, they were already back.

The outside cats were quite enjoying breakfast, sheltered from the bitterly cold wind that was coming from the south.

We are still getting blizzard warnings. One patch of snow has already passed us by, and we did not get much snow, compared to areas to the south of us. There is more visible on the weather radar I can see is on its way. The forecasted high has dropped, while the expected amount of snow has increased.

Thankfully, we can hunker down and wait it out. I feel for the people who have to drive in this!

The Re-Farmer