Our 2022 garden: seedling jail

Okay, in between dealing with all sorts of other issues, I think we’ve found a way to set up the mini-greenhouse in a cat-proof way.

The frame is sitting on top of a very sturdy, heavy oak chair. It’s tied to the chair legs in a couple of places, and to the back, to stabilize it.

The patched up plastic cover is also over the back of the the chair, for further stability, though it’s tight enough to make zipping it closed a bit of a challenge.

For some reason, I got it in my head that it had 3 shelves, but it has 4. We have two plastic seed starting trays, one with pots, one just a base, that fit perfectly on the shelves. We also have two baking trays that can hold larger, heavier pots, if needed, and can still be used to water from below. They are shorter and wider than the shelves, but if we need to use them, they should fit on the top two shelves. With the cover going over the back of the chair, the bottom half is pulled too tight for them to fit there.

The bottom shelf is flat on the chair seat, so that cats should not be able to get through from below, and the cover is stretched snug enough at the bottom, they shouldn’t be able to get through there, either.

We’ll leave it for a day or two to let the cats get used to it, and see if they manage to knock it over or anything like that. There is the potential that they could knock the entire chair over, even as heavy as it is.

The mini-greenhouse is facing the window, but there is a shelf behind it, and we might be able to set up more light from the other side, too.

If it seems to work out with the cats, we’ll be starting shallots in there, first. And if it still remains cat proof, I’m hoping to be able to transplant the excess tomatoes out, next.

Here’s hopin’

The Re-Farmer

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