Recommended: Sweet Adjeley

Welcome to my second “Recommended” series. Here, you’ll find various sites and channels that I’ve been enjoying and wanted to share with you. With so many people currently looking to find ways to be more self sufficient or prepared for emergencies, that will be the focus for most of these, but I’ll also be adding a few that are just plain fun. Please feel free to leave a comment or make your own recommendation. I hope you enjoy these!

Here’s one for the foodies out there – especially if you like Ghanaian food! Sweet Adjeley, however, goes well beyond amazing looking stews, breads, snacks, sauces, and drinks.

Also, she has her own theme music. How cool is that?

There are a lot of videos here for those who are looking for how to make pantry essentials – and more! – from scratch. Which is how I found this awesome channel, when I found this video.

Somehow, I thought making tomato paste would be more complicated than this. Tomato paste is one of our pantry staples, but we haven’t been able to get our favourite brand since we’ve moved. I admit, we got very spoiled by having access to a particular local grocery store when we were still living in the city! 😀

After seeing this video, I felt making our own tomato paste was actually worth trying, and that’s why we’ve got so many Cup of Moldova paste tomato plants started! 😀

Of course, once I found this video, I had to keep looking, and was quickly joining the Sweet Team and subscribing, when I found videos like this.

Well, that looks like something well worth making! We don’t usually do shrimp, though. We do, however, regularly have chicken and beef.

We’ve made mushroom powder before, and mushroom ketchup, which gives both a liquid and powdered seasoning, but never powdered meat. I’ve made beef jerky, but it never occurred to me to powder it!

We’re going to need to invest in a blender, though. It’s been a long time since we’ve had one. They tend to not last very long for us, so the next one we get, I want to save up and get something more durable!

Of course, there’s also these kitchen staples.

Again, how easy is that?

We’d be dehydrating in our oven for now, but I don’t mind our home smelling like onions or garlic. 😉

This one was a surprise to me.

Yup. Milk powder – there are actually two videos on making powdered milk. Which we’ve been adding to our stash lately. It’s become quite expensive, too. While I don’t see us taking the time to make the powder ourselves, if we had our own milk cows, it would be a worthwhile way to use up excess milk.

Or we could make mozzarella.

With or without using rennet.

Among the other pantry staples you can learn how to make are a variety of flours (such as plantain, cassava, fufu, etc), corn starch, marinade cubes, ketchup, cream cheese, yogurt and more. You can even learn how to make your own extracts.

There are a wide variety of snacks, too. I really want to try these!

I have a thing for cornmeal. 😉

There are so many delicious looking savoury dishes I’d love to try, I could include at least a dozen more videos here! Plus there are non-food or drink related videos, like how to make your own shower gel, disinfectant wipes, do your nails, visits to markets…

But I won’t do that to you… Instead, I recommend you check out Sweet Adjeley yourself!

Funny. After going through so many videos, trying to decide which to include here, I’m suddenly feeling rather hungry. 😀

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