A surprise critter!

One of the things about leaving the sun room doors slightly open for the kittens is that sometimes, other critters get in, too.

Usually skunks.

Last night, the girls went to see the kittens and work on socializing them, when they saw a strange critter running around. If looked kinda like a squirrel, but the we have red squirrels around here, and it wasn’t one of those. Possibly a chipmunk? Seeing it run around some more, they thought it looked like it might be a flying squirrel, which couldn’t be possible. Could it?

I tried to get a picture, but this was the best I could manage.

We did get a better look at it as it tried to climb the walls and around the tops of the windows.

It was most definitely a flier.

It turns out that we do have a native flying squirrel! The Northern Flying Squirrel.

Not once, even as a kid growing up here, have we ever seen a flying squirrel. Just our usual red squirrels.

They are SO flippin’ cute!

I want to snuggle it. 😂

The Re-Farmer

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