Got him… sorta

I must say, it’s been flippin’ hard to get a picture of this guy!

He (she?) is from the oldest litter, and very much a feline teenager! 😁

Last night, I was able to spent some time sitting outside, playing with the kittens with the rope toy I’d made, while sitting in the water bowl house. Normally, he stays well away from me, but he couldn’t resist. He actually played right at my feet, and would sometimes dash under the water bowl house, while I was sitting in it. I tried about a dozen photos before I finally got him!

His siblings include the super fluffy cat we’re trying to socialize for a family that wants him. My daughters have been trying to spend time outside to socialize kittens, too, and my younger daughter actually got to touch him! That’s the most progress any of us have managed so far. It’s really hard to socialize kittens, when their own mothers won’t let us near them. πŸ˜•

The Re-Farmer

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