A question for WordPress users

For quite a while now, I’ve been noticing something odd when I check my WordPress notifications.

You know how the display is a different colour for the notifications you haven’t looked at yet? Then, once you’ve clicked on and read them, they turn white? The “unread” notification colour is such a pale blue, I actually have a hard time seeing it, whether it’s on my desktop on my phone.

The weird thing that’s happening is this…

When I check my notifications, I’m finding the reactions, follows, etc are in “unread” blue – but when someone leaves an actual comment, it’s in “read” white! If I go to the “unread” tab, they’re not there, of course.

Anyone else having this happen?

The Re-Farmer


2 thoughts on “A question for WordPress users

  1. Whoa… mine are totally different! Notifications don’t work for me in desktop. On my phone, unread have a grey background (and read have no background color – in darkmode they are nearly identical).

    Sorry I’m no help!!

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