Our 2023 garden: It’s thyme!

While turning off the lights on the aquarium greenhouses last night, I noticed the tiniest specks of green in one of the herb grow cells. This morning, there was a bit more, but still so tiny, I didn’t even try to take a picture.

A few hours later, there was more. Still hard to see, but here they are!

All four German Winter thyme cells have sprouts! They are so incredibly teeny – matching the teeny size of the seeds!

Gosh, it’s so exciting to see green things growing when there’s still snow on the ground! We’re supposed to reach 2C/36F this afternoon, and the warmer temperatures have me absolutely bouncing, wanting to get outside and do things. Things we still can’t do until the snow is gone and the ground at least somewhat dry!

So for now, I’m enjoying teeny little thyme sprouts.

The Re-Farmer


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