Night views

I noticed a huge racoon in the sun room, so I dashed outside without grabbing a coat. The racoon was gone, but I looked around with my phone as a flashlight, trying to see where it went. I never saw it again, but the moon and a planet near it was looking gorgeous, so I stayed outside for a while. It was just beautiful out there! Apparently, it’s -2C/28F with a wind chill of -5C/25F, but it felt much warmer.

Of course, by this time next month, these same temperatures will probably feel a lot colder! 😄

I ended up walking past the fence by the fire pit to get a clear view of the moon and tried to take some photos. I just used the night setting on my phone and tried a couple of hand held shot before setting the phone up on the hood of a nearby car.

Of course, the hood is curved, so the phone wasn’t level. It was also angled to the south further than I intended, which is why you can see the yard light in the photo. In reality, the yard light is barely a glow on this side, but the long exposure really picked it up! You can’t tell that the moon is a crescent at all. We’re supposed to still be able to see Mars and Jupiter right now, I think, but I’m pretty sure the planet visible in the photo is Venus.

I tried to take a couple of shots of just the stars, holding the phone myself.

This is what happens when you try to take a long exposure shot, and a Gooby decides to climb you. I didn’t intend to take a picture of the moon and planet again, but I was rather distracted with trying to extricate claws from my flesh!

Gooby really, really loves human attention, and he will get it, whether we are ready to give it or not!

The Re-Farmer


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