Scene of the cat crime

There are areas around the house that we do and do not allow the cats. For example, they are not allowed on the kitchen counter the sink it in, nor where counters were food is prepared, but there is one small counter by the window they are allowed on, so they can sit and look out the window.

The dining table is another place the are not allowed.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to enforce this when we’re asleep.

This is what I found this morning.

The bowl of carrots and potatoes were scrubbed last night, to be cooked today. The cucamelons are kept out for snacking.

It turns out the cats like to drag off the carrots.

Shortly after I took this photo, I spotted Saffron running by behind me.

Then she dropped a pilfered cucamelon she had been carrying, and started batting it around.

Nasty cat criminals! 😀

The Re-Farmer