So this is a thing that happened


Today, I tried to have the door open in my room while I was doing stuff on my computer. I don’t expect Nosencrantz or even Marlee to leave the room, but I’m getting really tired of the constant interruptions of the “safe” cats scratching at the door to be let in or out. In fact, most of the cats are okay coming in, even if Marlee snarls at them. Nosencrantz even stayed on her window shelf rather than hiding somewhere. Marlee parked her butt under my printer table and snarled at any cat that went at the food bowls, and they basically ignored her. Butterscotch was settled under a foot stool I have near the heat vent under the window; a favourite spot for many of the cats.

But then, there’s Turmeric.

She was creeping around and snarling beside the cat cage, which is how I found out Butterscotch was under the stool, enjoying the heat vent. I shooed her away and she wandered on and around the bed for a while. I even pet and cuddled her for a bit, to calm her down, before settling at my computer again.

Then the fight happened.

Turmeric attacked Butterscotch.

I got her away, but not without some damage.

I’m glad we picked up those large gauzes, not long ago! I ended up with two long scratches under my arm, and a few puncture wounds on the top. The gauze was large enough to cover all of them.

Tissue also tends to be snarly when she comes into my room – she really hated being isolated in here when she was healing. But not even she tends to actively attack one of the ladies.

Turmeric, on the other hand, will actively try to search out, stalk and attack Butterscotch, Nozencrantz and sometimes Marlee. I can’t understand why. I mean, we’ve brought Potato Beetle in, he’s never been kept away from the other cats, and she’s never gone after him like that. She especially gets along well with Grandma, who moved out here with us, and let Turmeric “nurse” after Beep Beep decided weaning was going to happen, whether her kittens wanted it or not.

Oh, for crying out loud!!!

I just got interrupted while I was writing the above. Nosencrantz was on her window shelf on my craft table, as she often is, when Leyendecker… LEYENDECKER!!! suddenly jumped onto the table and attacked her. WTF???

I just don’t get it.

Yes, we have too many cats in the house, but it’s a big house, and many of the cats don’t even bother coming in when my door is open. There is nothing to explain why we are having so many cats specifically targeting Butterscotch and Nosencrantz. Especially Nosencrantz. Not even Marlee is as much of a target, but maybe that’s because she is the snarly one and, having survived being abandoned and on her own for 2 years, is no soft target. They are not “new” cats anymore.

I just. Don’t. Get it.

Well, at least this time, I didn’t have to physically separate the cats and end up with more unintentional wounds!

The Re-Farmer


6 thoughts on “So this is a thing that happened

  1. Ouch!!!!! Watch out for infections, but you already know that.

    My mother-in-law’s cat thinks he is in a fight for his life when I put him in a carrier and I have to wear armor for that.

    I looked up armor in the dictionary. “A covering to protect a body during battle”. 🙂

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      • They have been known to fight in the past, but I always knew why. If someone or something walks down the driveway and they can’t get to it, they would turn on each other. So I only allow one in the yard at a time. This, was different. My mother said it was born from jealousy. When my bedroom furniture was out of the house and the dogs had to stay in the same room it was fine. Now that my bed is back Bella is sleeping in the room with me and Molly may be upset over my favoritism. In truth, if they would come in and go to sleep it would not have been a problem but Molly wanted to play all night which meant separating them.

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