How did things escalate like this???

Okay, I just need to relax and breathe for a bit.

The last couple of days have been just crazy!

We have an update on Tissue, and it’s not good.

My daughter and I got back from the city not long ago, and we have been filled in with details that were really jumbled before. I’ll try and sort it out and make sense of it as best I can.

The Cat Lady and her family simply could not find Tissue in their garage. They even tore the new drywall out, just in case she’d gotten into the walls. With the trap empty in the morning, her husband considered putting flour on the floor, so they could see paw prints.

Well, it turned out there was a reason they couldn’t find her in the garage.

She wasn’t there.

I had thought they’d left their car in the garage, and only took it out to look for the cat, today. I was wrong. That was yesterday. They’d driven to the spay clinic and back, but never put the car back, because they didn’t want to risk Tissue getting out.

What they didn’t know is that she was already hiding in the car. In that “hidden compartment” by the muffler they knew nothing about.

Which means she spent the night outside.

They didn’t find out until her husband looked out the window and saw her sitting on the hood!

She ran under the car when they came out. They could see she’d tried to get into the office window, which is where they’d put her until it was time to take her to the spay clinic. They took the screen out and left the window open, but she never went for it again.

Nor did she run out to the open, or even to the nearby cat house they have.

Long story short: they knew they couldn’t leave her out there. They couldn’t move the car into the garage without injuring her, and she’d already spent a night tucked into cold metal. They ended up calling Nissan (they bought this car just a few months ago!), who sent someone over. They actually dismantled the car to try and reach her. She kept getting more and more aggressive, attacking anyone who tried to reach her, biting hoses and metal around her. By the time they got her out, her paws were bleeding, she had at least one broken tooth, her mouth and nose were bleeding, and she was so stiff and cold, her legs weren’t moving anymore. She was also blue from the cold. Her pink toe pads were blue!!

Before they got her, I’d wondered to the Cat Lady if it would help for us to come out, and in the end, she took us up on that. We had to take my mother’s car, as the van is prepped for trading in (we still don’t have an answer to the financing under my name instead of my husband’s). Shortly after we left, we got a call (my daughter came along and was able to answer the phone for me) asking to meet at the veterinary hospital in the city, and updating us on Tissue’s condition, so far as they knew at the time.

Once at the vet, we got the tentative prognosis. The vet said she was about 10 minutes from death when they got her, but she was stabilized, on IV, cleaned up and treated as best they could, so far. She may have a broken jaw, possibly other broken bones, and they’re not sure about her back legs right now. It could just be pinched nerves and inflammation, or there could be spine damage. The jaw may need to be wired together, or it could just have been dislocated.

After talking about it, it was decided to keep Tissue overnight in the hospital. If she survives the night, she will be further assessed, and the Cat Lady has permission to make decisions based on the prognosis. If the damage is too severe, it might be better to let Tissue go. We shall see.

While we were there, my daughter spent most of the time with Tissue, petting her. She actually seemed to respond and relax, even though she was still partially sedated when we got there.

Someone came to weigh her while we were there, and Tissue actually moved around and meowed complaints about being take out of her warm nest. After she was put back, my daughter asked if she could wrap her in a shawl she brought. She’d been wearing is under her coat. This is a shawl she’d crochets for herself out of a fuzzy yarn. She’d wear it while at her computer, and Tissue would crawl into her lap under it, and go for a nap. When it was on her chair, Tissue would spend hours napping in it.

When my daughter wrapped the shawl around Tissue, she actually moved around to let her, then immediately tucked her nose into the shawl and curled her paws around her face, just like she does at home. The technician even commented that Tissue was looking/acting noticeably better. I’m glad my daughter was able to come along. She and her sister were both really sick today.

So now we wait and see until tomorrow morning. I’m just glad we were able to get out to see Tissue, as it seemed to help her.

Writing this post has taken a lot longer than usual. I’ve been messaging with the Cat Lady at the same time. Not only is she dealing with all this, but she is slated for major surgery, the day after tomorrow – unless it gets cancelled. Not only is the hospital full, along with a shortage of doctors and nurses, but a new specialist on the surgical teams wants to do more tests, because he thinks surgery is too soon, and may do more harm than good.

Nothing like getting conflicting information, just 2 days before major surgery!!!

The Cat Lady was absolutely devastated by what happened with Tissue. In absolute tears! She feels so guilty and keeps second guessing herself, with all the things she feels she should have done differently. There was nothing they could have done. They simply didn’t know enough, and Tissue’s behaviour was not only out of character for her, but unlike anything any other cat has done, including the wildest ferals.

Oh, wow. I just found out that their vet is allergic to cats. They had used a hair dryer to help warm up Tissue, and he kept sneezing and his face started swelling! He must really love his job!

Okay, I need to get to bed. It’s been such a long day, and it’s taken me hours just to work on this post!

Hopefully, I will have good news of some kind, tomorrow!

The Re-Farmer

ps: please excuse any typos. I’m too tired to try editing right now! 😄


8 thoughts on “How did things escalate like this???

  1. I do hate reading this. It has been my fear for a long time of cats getting inside the car so we always check as best as we can before driving. I do understand the circumstances though here. I also understand the cat lady’s emotions, the gentleman who has helped me still blames himself that we lost two of the four kittens even though they were barely alive when we found them. I do hope for good news on Tissue.

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  2. Wow… the poor cat lady. Poor you. Poor Tissue!
    Glad your daughter used her scarf.. I’ve done similar for seriously ill cats.. help them feel home.

    I’ve read the update. I hope Tissue continues to improve! As an fyi, Skritches had upper & lower jaw fractures when I found her. The upper was allowed to heal naturally. It ended up uneven and causing life-long nasal issues (congestion) but no oral issues at all.

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