A bit of news. Do I dare say, hopeful?

We had another foggy night last night. While it’s clear and sunny now, areas to the south of us were getting fog warnings of sudden zero visibility!

The trees never lost their frost from when the first fog hit, so we now have frost on top of frost on top of frost!

I didn’t even try for a head count this morning, but I did manage to zoom in to get a picture of this elusive tortie! The girls call this one Phantom, because she has a sort of Phantom of the Opera mask. She is from Broccoli’s first litter, along with two calicos, which makes her big sister to the two tiny bitties we were finally able to catch and pass on to the Cat Lady.

I got messages from her while I was doing my rounds.

Tissue made it through the night. She is awake and alert.

That’s all we have right now.

Which means they will be fully assessing the extent of her injuries right now. It’s still possible her injuries are so severe, it would be just too much and trying to treat them would do her more harm then good.

Or, the injuries might not be as severe as we fear, and she’ll make a full recovery, minus a tooth.

There’s just no way to know right now. We just have to wait until we get work from the vet.

Tissue is such a strong cat and a real fighter. The Cat Lady and her husband have the wounds, and a torn apart car, to prove it!

Do we dare be hopeful?

The Re-Farmer

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