Stunning news!

I just spoke to the Cat Lady on the phone. She just finished talking to the vet.

Tissue is coming home today.

Not only did she survive the night, but she looks like she has only minor injuries. She might have a hairline fracture in her jaw, which only needs time (and soft food only) to heal.

The broken tooth is basically just a chip the vet says won’t bother her.

She has a cut on her tongue but again, that just needs time.

No broken bones.

No spinal injury.

Her back legs weren’t moving much mostly because she was so cold.

She did start to have crystals in her blood, but there is no damage visible.

The doctor is going to write up a report for other vets, about how they thawed her out.

She clearly isn’t happy there, and the vet wants her to come home to us, rather then go to the rescue for her recovery. He says we shouldn’t even try to have her spayed for at least 6 months. To which I say, forget it. We’re not getting her spayed at all.

We will get full instructions and any medications when we pick her up, late this afternoon, and bring her home. She will be on soft food, and in isolation in my office during her recovery. We’ll need to monitor her, of course, but she should make a full recovery.

This, just 12 hours from being at death’s door.

The best possible prognosis we could have expected. The vet is absolutely stunned.

Thank God!

The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “Stunning news!

    • We are so stunned and thrilled!

      In theory, she could still take a turn for the worse, but the vet wouldn’t release her if he thought that could happen. He thinks she would do better in familiar surroundings. Less stressful.


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