Crispy rice patties

I had a birthday recently, and my awesome daughters treated me to Chinese food. We ordered a bunch of mostly protein dishes to pick up in town, while my older daughter cooked scallop noodles, coconut sticky rice and plain white rice at home to go with it. On unpacking the order, we discovered they had … Continue reading Crispy rice patties

My Non-traditional Slow Cooker Chili

I do love my slow cookers!  I've got two 8 quart sized cookers, and have found they are the perfect size for us.  Especially for making something like chili; it's enough to feed us for a couple of days, making life much simpler! The chili I make is not at all traditional.  In fact, I'm … Continue reading My Non-traditional Slow Cooker Chili

Home Made Yogurt and Yogurt “cheese” – Day Two; finished

Here are the final results of the yogurt and yogurt cheese making process. You can visit the first part here, with the recipe, and the second part here, with the step-by-step to make the yogurt cheese. First up, let's compare the finished yogurts. This was after the home made yogurt was in the fridge for … Continue reading Home Made Yogurt and Yogurt “cheese” – Day Two; finished