On opening the garage door to head into town today, I found an amusing sight. We often find kitty paw prints on the door and windshield, but this time I saw…

… what looked like a failed attempt to climb the back of our (very dirty!) van!

After uploading the photos and getting a closer look, however, I realized something.

Those are not the claw marks of a sliding kitty.

Which is when I realized something. After cleaning up the mess made by critters tearing apart the garbage bags, I put the collected garbage into the back of the van, so they couldn’t get into them again.

These are the claw marks of something trying to break into the van and get at the garbage bags!

The usual suspect would be skunks, but they’re not good climbers, and this is over 3 feet off the ground. Racoons, perhaps?

Thankfully, the dump is open tomorrow morning.

The Re-Farmer

Finally doing a burn, and getting cuddles for my efforts

Today turned out to be actually chilly, for a change. Also, a bit on the damp side, with the odd bit of rain here and there.

Which made it the perfect day to FINALLY get a burn done.

I set this ring up last year, so we could burn away the scrap and rotted wood and other garbage that was too big or oddly shaped for the burn barrel.

With weather conditions, neither have been used much at all, lately! There was stuff in here, waiting to be burned, for months. This thing was supposed to be a short term set up that was meant to be cleaned up by fall of last year!

It is about 2/3rds full of ashes now, so this will be the last burn in it.

I was originally thinking that the ashes would be emptied into garbage bags, then taken to the dump, but I’ve decided against that. It will be added to the material we’ve been putting behind the outhouse. At some point, we’ll be ready to get rid of it and fill in the pit, and we should be able to just shovel this stuff in.

While tending the fire, I had some loving company!

He was not only determined to get hugs and cuddles, but also to lick my nose. If he couldn’t get at my nose, he would go for my neck, chin, ears, hair… but apparently, my nose tasted best of all! LOL Which wouldn’t have been too bad, except he kept trying to lick the inside of my nose, too.

Which actually hurts. That tongue is sharp!

When I had get up to tend the fire…

… he took my butt spot! 😀

After everything was burned out, I found some pieces of metal that I fished out. Nails and old wire are one thing; they’ll be left in there. These pieces, however, were a bit too big!

The metal plate could have been on pretty much anything that was in there, and I half remember the parts and pieces of an old drawer going in, which would explain the handle, but I cannot, for the life of me, think of what went into the pile that had such a huge hinge on it!

The next step will be to shovel out the ashes until I can move the ring. The metal sheet underneath will make it easier to clean up whatever is left. Then the whole thing will be moved away. I had deliberately placed it, not only far away from anything that could catch fire, while still being close enough to reach with a hose, but also in the way of using this part of the driveway. The inconvenience of it would be incentive to get it done! 😀

Well, it worked. It was definitely inconvenient where it was. LOL It’ll be good to finally have it cleared away!

The Re-Farmer

Clean Up: spruce grove perimeter, starting on the old wood pile

This morning, thanks to cooler temperatures that I was able to take advantage of, I was able to finally get back to cleaning up around the east perimeter of the spruce grove. It was only about an hour and a half before I had to get out of the heat, but I think some good progress was done!

Here’s where I started.

(photo heavy post ahead! 🙂 )

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