On opening the garage door to head into town today, I found an amusing sight. We often find kitty paw prints on the door and windshield, but this time I saw…

… what looked like a failed attempt to climb the back of our (very dirty!) van!

After uploading the photos and getting a closer look, however, I realized something.

Those are not the claw marks of a sliding kitty.

Which is when I realized something. After cleaning up the mess made by critters tearing apart the garbage bags, I put the collected garbage into the back of the van, so they couldn’t get into them again.

These are the claw marks of something trying to break into the van and get at the garbage bags!

The usual suspect would be skunks, but they’re not good climbers, and this is over 3 feet off the ground. Racoons, perhaps?

Thankfully, the dump is open tomorrow morning.

The Re-Farmer

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