Fall planting grape hyacinth, day one

So a few things we'd talked about before have changed a bit, as we decided where to start planing the grape hyacinth (muscari). This is the area we settled on, before clean up. Two summers ago, this area was quite overgrown. Some of the lilacs and carigana I cut back have started to encroach again. … Continue reading Fall planting grape hyacinth, day one

New garden plot, ready! (video)

This morning, I was able to finish prepping the new garden plot! https://youtu.be/JFdJ9r7Y2H4 Woo hoo! It's done! Well... okay. Maybe not. But it's almost there. At this point, there are two things that need to be done to the area. One is a thorough watering before planting. The other is to adjust the acidity. Hopefully. … Continue reading New garden plot, ready! (video)